World Sexy Underwear Luxury Brand


Interest underwear is no longer a hidden item. Now it has been separated from the constraint and shame, becoming a luxury brand with high artistic value.In this article, we will introduce some world -renowned sexy underwear luxury brands, which are at the forefront of the times in terms of design and quality.

La Perla

The name LA Perla originated in Italy. It is a sexy underwear brand representing traditional Italian luxury brand craftsmanship aesthetics.Its style is fashionable and sexy, and has received the favorite of many customers.After years of hard work, it has become one of the indispensable brands in the fashion industry.

Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is a US sexy underwear brand. It is very mysterious and is known for its fresh and sexy and charm.Every year’s Victoria Secret show has become a global fashion feast. Its underwear design and charm make every woman yearn for.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand, which is famous for noble, elegant and sexy temperament.Its design style is unique, without exaggerated decoration or exaggerated design.Its underwear is like an art, and every underwear contains the designer’s mind.


Chantelle is a French luxury brand, which has the characteristics of Italian sexy and elegant characteristics that make it highly praised worldwide.Its underwear design takes into account fashion and functionality, which makes you look sexy and comfortable.Chantelle is a brand that pursues perfection, and their underwear customization services are also extremely famous.


Bordelle is a British sexy underwear brand. Its product is unique, characterized by combining sexy and artistic sense.Bordelle’s underwear design style is very distinctive, you can always find innovative elements in its works.

L’Agent by agent provocateur

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur is a sub -brand of Agent Provocateur.Its design style is known for a playful and cute image, with distinct colors and different styles.Its underwear pays more attention to practical functions. Whether it is daily or special, it can provide women with the greatest comfort.

Marlies dekkers

Marlies Dekkers is a Dutch designer, and her brand focuses on neutral and future design.Marlies Dekkers’s underwear is very strange and uses soft materials, which can bring a very comfortable feeling.Her works are often used on movies and fashion shows.

Coco de MER

Coco de Mer is a British sex lingerie brand with a brand image with romance, mystery and classic atmosphere.Its design style has a great sense of art and pursues perfect tailoring and craftsmanship.You can fully trust its production process, and the breath emitted on its underwear is like a secret magic.


Fleurotica is a Polish sex lingerie brand. Its underwear design is naturally theme.Fleurotica’s production method is strange. Its designers will add flower patterns to underwear to make each design more traditional and romantic.Its underwear exudes a natural atmosphere and makes women look very sexy.


These sexy lingerie luxury brands represent the highest level of fashion and art today.Their design and production pays great attention to details and quality, showing an artistic charm.If you want to enhance your charm, try a sexy underwear from these brands.Whether you want to take a sweet route or a sexy route, you can find a underwear that suits you in these brands.

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