Will security inspection be seen in sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a very important product line in modern sex products. It has various styles and sizes that meets consumers with different gender and sexual orientation.However, when carrying sexy underwear, people often worry about whether security tests will be discovered.

Frequent sexy underwear

Common sexy underwear includes sexy underwear, uniform temptation, SM tools, sexy socks, etc.And the highest -level and most "ergonomic" sexy underwear on the market is called European and American sexy underwear. It is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable to wear.But will these underwear styles be discovered in the security check?

Metal skeleton underwear

Some erotic underwear design with metal support structure, these underwear can be easily discovered in security checks.Such a sexy underwear cannot be brought into the airport or public transport, and you can consider putting it in the consignment luggage.

Back underwear

Loving underwear refers to the sexy underwear that is not covered on the back. This underwear is easily discovered in security checks.Under normal circumstances, security personnel will not find this underwear specifically, but if there are obvious metal parts or other abnormalities on the underwear, it is likely to be stopped for inspection.It is recommended to put this underwear in checked baggage.

Ordinary underwear

If it is an ordinary sexy underwear, it is usually not discovered by the security inspection staff.If the underwear does not have a metal structure, there is no too much decoration or no noticeable background, then there is no risk of being stopped.If you are worried that certain materials or patterns will be discovered, you can choose to put sexy underwear deep in your luggage to avoid being found in security checks.

Interesting underwear similar to ordinary clothes

Some sexy underwear is designed to be very similar to ordinary clothes, such as Sailor Moon costumes, maid clothes and cheongsam clothes.On the outside, these "camouflage" underwear are almost exactly the same as ordinary clothes.However, if security personnel inspect the standard uniforms or uniforms, and find that there are differences in weight in the weight of the same appearance, then you will be stopped for inspection.Note that security personnel will not study the details and textures of clothes in depth.

Sexy socks

Sexy socks are an important part of sexy supplies, and there are no problems in security checks.Whether it is a lace stocking or stockings, as long as they do not have any metal parts or other too much decorations, they will not cause doubts of security personnel.There is no problem in the socks in the luggage.

Men’s sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is usually targeted at women, men’s sexy underwear is also common.The style of some men’s sexy underwear is similar to ordinary underwear, and the chances of being discovered by security inspectors are also very low.However, there are some specially designed styles of men’s sexy underwear, such as lace cups and pajamas styles. These styles are easily discovered in security checks.It is best to put them in the checked baggage.

Suggestions for wearing underwear

If you must enter the airport or public transport in sexy underwear, keep it in the inner part to avoid providing it to many people.In addition, it is recommended not to choose a metal skeleton or other metal products.

in conclusion

In fact, sexy underwear is very likely to be found in security checks.As long as those sexual underwear with a conspicuous and metal structure is avoided, even if the probability is found, it is very small.

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