Women’s Women’s Lingerie Gift WeChat Record


Some people say that giving gifts is not as good as sending fun underwear, which can express their minds and add interest.However, it is not easy to choose a suitable sexy underwear.Recently, I gave a sexy lingerie gift to my friends. I recorded this process through WeChat and shared it with everyone.

Choose a type

First of all, I searched different types of erotic underwear on the Internet, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, etc.In view of the body shape and preferences of the ceremony, I decided to buy a sexual emotional interesting underwear.

color match

When buying colors, I considers the skin color and personal preferences of the gifts.In the end, I chose a black and red sexy sexy underwear.

Style selection

Next, I started to choose the style.Because the ceremony was married, I chose a conjoined sexy underwear with lace lace in the chest, highlighting the charming and sexy of his wife.

Size measurement

After choosing a good sexy underwear, I encountered a problem, how to measure the size of the gift collector.I found the wife of the ceremony, made handmade gifts with an excuse, measured her bust, waist and hips, and chose the appropriate size.

Express delivery

I chose a credible e -commerce platform, placed the sexy underwear and chose the courier. I filled out the detailed delivery address and contact information to ensure that the gifts could be reached and sent to the gifts in time.


After receiving a sexy lingerie gift, I used light -colored carton to decorate with striped ribbons, and added a special gift card I designed to successfully complete the preparation of sexy lingerie gifts.

Transfer gift

When the atmosphere was appropriate, I gave the gift to the wife of the gift.My gift made her very surprised and moved. The gifts expressed their gratitude and praise to me, and at the same time made their husband and wife feel more harmonious.

The role of sexy underwear

Increased interest to life in moderation will make the relationship between husband and wife more happy.Interest underwear can highlight the sexy of women and make men full of expectations, thereby enhancing emotional and intimate relationships.It is a very meaningful thing to give sexy underwear at the right time and occasions.


In the process of selecting and sending affectionate underwear gifts, I have gained a lot of useful experience and perception.As a special gift, sexy underwear can appropriately improve the emotion and intimacy between husband and wife, but it also needs to be selected according to the preferences and situations of both parties.I hope my experience will be helpful to your relatives and friends when giving love underwear gifts.

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