Why is the disgusting mood and fun underwear

Why is the disgusting mood and fun underwear

With the development of the times and the opening of society, sex products have gradually entered our lives as a new type of consumer goods.And the most representative of them is sexy underwear."Adults Influence", "Sex Feelings Fun Underwear", "European and American Instead", etc. These types of erotic lingerie are considered a good choice to meet personal fun needs.However, some people are not moving, and they have disgusted with sexy underwear, and even disgust.So, why are anyone having a bad mood and fun underwear?

Stimulation of language violence

The erotic underwear industry is full of various advertisements. In order to attract customers’ attention, many sexy underwear brands use a lot of sexual hints and language violence to attract consumers.Although this approach can bring a certain degree of attention and exposure, it has also formed a certain psychological damage and distress on the public, so it will cause disgust and disgusting emotions.

Antimedies for alienation

In today’s society, pornographic and sexual suggestions are no longer regarded as taboos. On the contrary, they are gradually alienated into a way of expression of fashion, aesthetics, and aesthetic concepts.This phenomenon is particularly prominent in the erotic underwear industry, so some people will think that this aesthetic has become distorted, and then dislikes sexy underwear.

Conflict of gender concept

Interest underwear is usually regarded as a femininity, and its existence often challenges the public’s traditional cognition of gender.Moreover, the requirements for gender equality in modern society are also getting higher and higher, and topics such as sexuality and fun of men and women should also be discussed publicly.However, in some people’s eyes, "women’s dedicated" products such as sex underwear obviously violate this principle of equality and then produce "nausea" psychology.

Moral standards resistance

Interesting underwear is essentially a product that belongs to the personal private category.However, due to the differences in people’s ideas, some people may not accept the acceptance of such products, and they will think that erotic underwear violates the moral standards of the public.Therefore, sexy underwear as a topic has been severely resisted.

Personal aesthetic contradiction

Everyone’s aesthetic views are different, and different aesthetic standards often form different values and positions.When a personal aesthetic view is contradictory with some specific styles of sexy underwear, it may have a disgust and disgust of sex underwear.

Impact of cultural background

The popularity and promotion of sexy underwear have a lot to do, and the environment and cultural background they are located are very important.In some countries and regions, the sexy underwear industry is even an illegal industry.In this case, the evaluation of sexy underwear is inevitably limited and negatively affected.

Conflict of inner needs

Sometimes, a person’s attitude towards sexy underwear and sex products does not depend on the environment and cultural background around him, but on his/her needs and psychological state.Even if he is pursuing freshness and trying to try, it is inevitable that when he/she faces specific products, it will inevitably have disgust, so that it cannot be truly accepted.

Professional recognition

The last factor is the concept of personal value.Some people will disgust about products such as sex products and sexy underwear because their own values cannot recognize this kind of items. They believe that "sex" is a private field and should not be publicized and promoted publicly.


Judging from today’s perspective, sexy underwear as a personality is more and more popular, but for those who cannot adapt to this product, we should also fully respect their ideas and take it more moreRigorous propaganda methods to avoid unnecessary trouble and disgust to the public.

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