Why is there a rope in sex underwear

Why is there a rope in sex underwear?

Interesting underwear, as a sexy clothing, not only has a unique appearance, but also has a visual aesthetic and touch experience.Among them, many erotic underwear has ropes. So, what is the role of these ropes?This article will analyze it from multiple perspectives.

1. The rope is to fix the underwear

In some sexy underwear, the rope can be used to fix the underwear, so as to avoid falling off the underwear during wearing.This design not only reflects the actual functions of sexy underwear, but also gives people a sense of play.

2. The rope can be used as straps

In some sexy underwear, ropes can be used as straps, such as corset or T -shaped pants with the bottom.This strap design is not only beautiful, but also a sense of freedom and teasing the wearer.This design is also attractive for those who like SM PLAY gameplay.

3. The rope is an obscene attached product

The rope is one of the most important accessories of SM Play (SM games) in Japan’s sex culture, and is called "rope art".With the increasing popularity of sex products in China, sex rope has also become one of the market segments.Some sexy underwear also considers this trend when designing, so the design of the rope was added to the underwear.

4. The rope can stitch different shapes

In some sexy underwear, the placement and dressing of the rope are very particular.These underwear designers put the ropes in different positions, and wearers can stitch different shapes and shapes in different ways.So as to meet the different needs of different people.

5. The rope can be adjusted

The rope can achieve the effect of adjusting the size by adjusting the length.In some regulatory sexy underwear, the rope can adjust the size of the underwear by stretching or contraction, so as to meet the body needs of different people.

6. The rope can bring sexy stimulation to the wearer

The tie and placement of the rope can bring different sexy stimuli to the wearer.For example, add a red rope to the bra to emphasize the beautiful lines and figure curves of women, which can visually add different sexy experiences to the wearer.

7. Rope can increase interest

Interest underwear is originally interesting, and the addition of rope increases the fun of the underwear.In some designers’ ideas, the rope can represent an important element of sexy underwear, which is also an indispensable part of underwear design.

8. Rope can improve the texture and quality of underwear

For some high -end sexy lingerie brands, the selection of rope is also sophisticated.When choosing, the softness, strength, and fiber diameter of the fiber are usually considered.In this way, it can not only enhance the grade of overall underwear, but also provide a better feel and experience for wearers.

in conclusion:

In general, the rope in sexy underwear does not have fixed rules and uses, but customized according to the design of the underwear and the requirements of the brand.Whether you are pursuing practicality or teasing, the design of the rope can meet your different needs.

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