Why is it required to wear a sexy jacket

(Note: This article is a pure literary work, which involves the topic of personal physical privacy, please read carefully)

Many women are asked to wear sexy underwear in their marriage or love relationships.Why do men have this requirement?Some women are hesitant because of this requirement. This article will explain the benefits of this requirement.

Sexy underwear is not necessarily used only for sex occasions

The so -called sexy underwear is a very special underwear.For men, women in sexy underwear look more sexy or enchanting, and for women, they feel differently wearing sexy underwear.Some women believe that wearing erotic underwear allows themselves to feel the satisfaction and pursuit of men’s appreciation and pursuit, and listening to their partners’ requirements can also increase their interaction between each other.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, it will also enhance self -confidence and self -esteem, and at the same time, it will also promote your attention and care for your body.

Fun in gender character conversion

In the life of husband and wife, the inverted traditional gender character is a very common benefit.Taking men as an example, if his usual identity is serious leader or workaholic, then he will be asked to wear sexy underwear. When the whole scene is converted, he will become a passive object that is eager to be loved and watched.EssenceThis conversion is also applicable to women, and can also inject freshness and variability into love relationships.

Increase the interaction and trust between husband and wife

The interaction between husband and wife is not limited to sexual life, but should include many aspects.When men ask women to put on sexy underwear, they are actually promoting a kind of physical and psychological intimate contact, and this contact can increase the sense of trust among both sides.More importantly, in this process, each other’s thoughts will be shifted, thereby deepening emotions and increasing the dependence between husband and wife.

It helps improve your interesting level

Wearing sex lingerie also helps to promote your own level of interest and increase your emotional experience.When women wear fun underwear, they need to overcome various difficulties and feel physical changes. This experience will increase self -knowledge and experience, and promote their interest in physical discovery and cultivation.

It is a good way of expression

For many men, it is difficult to let the other half clearly understand their inner feelings through language. At this time, the choice is to choose action.Request to wear sexy underwear and listen to the opinions of your partner. In fact, he is expressing his feelings and desires through this action.For women, they can also give back and restore their feelings in this way.

Increase the benign competition between the two

Competition and challenges in love relationships are inevitable.Love relationship is an endless storm and battle.The meaning of competition between each other can also be not limited to economy, career, housework, etc., and can even be reflected through various means and methods.It is one of them to require the other party to wear sexy underwear.In competition, the two sides will experience more and more love and happiness, and will also make the relationship between the two deeper and fulfilling.

The heart of sex lingerie brings

Men also like to try new things.For many men, it is a more irritating and fresh experience to wear sexy underwear.Let women wear fun underwear and let them shine. This experience will impress the topic and increase the topic between each other.At the same time, it can also make women easier to attract the attention of partners and become a example and basis for fun.

Sexy underwear does not mean to be exposed

Wearing sex underwear does not mean to expose your body.After choosing the right style and size, even the style of sexy underwear can wear a relatively dignified and elegant style.Of course, if you like the feeling of exposure, such as perspective underwear, stockings, etc., it will not make people have inappropriate pictures.Wearing a sexy underwear is actually showing women’s body lines and increasing sexy charm, rather than showing naked and unusual things.


Above, we discussed why women were asked to wear sexy underwear and the benefits of this requirement.It should be clear that the experience of this requirement can be obtained by both parties.Women can not only get more attention and friendship from this requirement, but also improve their feelings, understanding and grasp of life itself through this experience.They can change the world, and they can also change their beauty and confidence through wearing fun underwear.Therefore, if there is each other’s trust and respect, then men ask women to put on sexy underwear to be acceptable.

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