What style of nails with sex underwear with

What style of nails with sex underwear with

Whether we are wearing everyday or special occasions, our women always hope that we can perfectly present an elegant and charming temperament.As a special fashion concept, sexy underwear needs to be carefully considered with partners and even nails to achieve perfect effects.Let ’s discuss what style of nails with sex underwear with.

1. Nail length

The length of the nails is one of the important factors to choose nail styles.For the matching of sexy underwear, the nails should not be too long, otherwise it will give people a strong sense of prosperity.Too short nails will make the overall feeling disadvantage.Therefore, moderate -length nails are most suitable for sexy underwear.

2. Nail shape

Different erotic lingerie styles require different nail shapes.Generally speaking, round, square, oval nails are the most popular. They not only meet the needs of daily life, but also can easily match various sexy underwear.

3. Nail color

The color of the nails and the color of the sexy underwear should be matched with each other.If the sexy underwear is red as the main color, you can try it with red, red, red, or metal nails; if the sex underwear is black as the main color, you can match black or silver nails.In short, the color of the nails should be coordinated with the color tone of the sexy lingerie. Do not pursue too bright or too dazzling.

4. The matching of short nails

If your short nails happen to be brilliant in the style of long nails, as we all know, although short nails are not as slender and soft as long nails, it is more concise and chic, and it is a style with erotic underwear.

5. The matching of long nails

If you like the long and slender style of your nails, you should choose the conspicuous nail style to highlight the length and fineness of the nails.Especially when cooperating with black erotic underwear, such nail design can add mystery.

6. Simple nail matching

Simple nails generally do not deliberately add too much decoration and details.If you like simple nails, choose a single -colored nail with a single color.Simple nails are also more flexible in matching, and will not limit the style of sexy lingerie.

7. Matching fancy nails

Fancy nail styles generally involve a series of decorative materials such as nail stickers, crystal diamonds, beads, and stickers.If you like this fancy nails, you should pay attention to the decoration of fancy nails when matching sex underwear, otherwise it will affect the sexy atmosphere of the sexy underwear itself.

8. The matching of transparent nails

The transparent nails look clean and simple, and it can also highlight sexy with sexy underwear.If you want to be transparent nails, it is not too ordinary, you can add some small decorations on the basis of transparent nails, such as crystals, buttons, and so on.

Finally, no matter which kind of nails are selected, the most important thing is to choose the style and color that suits you. Do not cling to the pursuit of a single match, but to reasonably choose the matching solution according to the occasion and personal characteristics.

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