What sexy sheets do you wear

What sexy sheets do you wear

Sexy underwear is now more and more fashionable choices in the hearts of women. So, have you ever thought about what type of sexy underwear wearing is the best for you?Next, let’s take a look at what erotic underwear you wear.

1. Ordinary sexy underwear

Ordinary sexy lingerie refers to conventional sexy underwear, most of which are relatively simple design, but there are also some translucent, lace -edge, mesh, etc.Ordinary sexy underwear is suitable for women who are not familiar with sexy underwear.

2. Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual feelings are the most commonly used erotic underwear for women. Large -scale lace or silk fabrics, deep V -neck, lace edges, transparent effects and other elements, make women’s body lines show nothing, exuding mysterious and sexy sexybreath.

3. Black color sexy underwear

Black color sex lingerie is one of the classic sexy underwear. It is not only bright and eye -catching, but also shows the body of women. The dark black sexy atmosphere will not be affected by time and style. Black underwear is also the most classicOne of the colors.

4. Red color sexy underwear

Red color sex lingerie is a very tempting color, which is symbolic in love, ideals, courage and other aspects.Red color sex lingerie can show women’s sexy and charming charm and strengthen their aura.

5. Pink sexy underwear

Pink sexy underwear is a very soft and sweet color like marshmallow, suitable for those women who want to express soft and warm.The expression of pink and sexy underwear is very individual and soft, exuding an extremely charming feminine temperament.

6. Transparent sexy underwear

The operation of transparent sex underwear is difficult, but the transparency can achieve a good visual effect, which can make the figure more beautiful.Only when women have enough self -confidence can we wear a special temperament.

7. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear has good breathability and health, and can show the sexy charm of women.Lace erotic underwear with high heels can make women’s body ratio more perfect and more excellent temperament.

8. Rest up sexy sheets

Resting erotic underwear is a unique experience and a challenge for some people.This kind of erotic underwear’s front and backward design, tight appearance, make women restrict their stage on their own stage, showing their own unique beauty.


The hammo sexy underwear has become a kind of sexy underwear in the current fashion industry with its beautiful curve and rich visual effects.Tibetan sexy underwear can show women’s bloated collarbone and beautiful necklines, making women more charming.

10. Net -shaped erotic sheet

Net -shaped erotic underwear is often one of the best choices for women.This kind of sexy underwear can not only see some unusual production materials, but also show the design essence of women’s favorite design.Wearing mesh sexy underwear, it feels like a flying sky, just like an immersive.

Overall, there is no fixed formula for choosing sexy underwear.You can choose different styles of sexy underwear based on your mood, occasions and festivals, etc., or you can buy it reasonably according to your body characteristics, but no matter what kind of sexy underwear, you should be confident and comfortable.Wearing it down to make yourself more beautiful and charming.

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