What erotic underwear is comfortable to wear people and wears comfortable

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear, and its design inspiration comes from sex games.Such underwear is not only a beautiful appearance, but also brings a novel and exciting experience for the partner.However, for some people, sexy underwear may not be comfortable enough, and even some people think that this kind of underwear is only suitable for specific figure types.In fact, some sexy underwear is suitable for everyone to wear comfortable.This article will discuss what erotic underwear is comfortable and comfortable to solve the doubts of readers.

1. Short -sleeved/sleeveless sexy underwear

Short -sleeved/sleeveless sexy underwear is a comfortable choice.This underwear does not compress women’s arm or cause wear.Because such underwear has simple tailoring, the body is always in a natural state and will not feel uncomfortable.

2. Low collar/Non -collar erotic underwear

Low -necks/Non -collary underwear is comfortable for all ladies in the body.Because the neckline is designed relatively low, this underwear will not be close to the bladder to cause discomfort.In addition, the exposed neck and shoulders can also increase the visual beauty.

3. Shoulder -free sexy underwear

The shoulder -free erotic underwear can provide full -day comfort.For some women, shoulder straps often cause discomfort and skin itching, so there is especially suitable for these people.The underwear is designed with waist seal to support the chest, which increases comfort.

4. Full -hood cup of sexy underwear

Full cup of sexy underwear can provide stability and support for the chest.Its cups will not be overwhelmed or embedded. At the same time, its simple tailoring can prevent the chest from moving around, making the underwear beautiful and comfortable.

5. Silk quality/linen material sexy underwear

Silk/linseed sexy underwear is very mild for the skin.Soft materials can prevent allergies, and at the same time, its breathability can also keep the skin dry without tightness.

6. Elastic material sexy underwear

Elastic material sexy underwear has good adaptability.They can tele to people’s body lines to a certain extent.In addition, the elastic material has good air permeability and hygroscopicity, so it is very comfortable to wear.


Moder’s material -quality underwear is an ecological friendly underwear.This material is made of natural wood, so it is harmless to the human body.It is soft, safe, breathable, good moisture, and high anti -wrinkle.

8. Easy to adjust sexy underwear

Easy to adjust sexy underwear is suitable for all women in the body.This underwear is usually equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, hooks and eye buckles, which can adjust the waist seal and bust as needed.This underwear can move comfortably with the body.

9. Transparent material Instead underwear

The interior of the transparent material and the interior of the sexy underwear usually uses soft and humid materials, and they are very fashionable in appearance.Its transparency is distinctive and can be comfortable to wear comfortablely.

10. Hollywood/gender sex lingerie

Hollywood/sexy underwear is a type of comfortable wearing.Due to the looseness of the design and adjustable shoulder straps and straps, it can adapt to different body shapes, and it will not be close to any part to generate discomfort.

It can be seen from the above recommendations that sexy underwear is not just designed for people with specific figures.In fact, there are many sexy underwear suitable for everyone to wear comfort.The use of materials, design and breathability is the key to comfort.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, even if you wear it for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable.

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