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Understand the affair

Interest underwear is not only to meet the needs of sex, but also to add fun and color and improve the quality of sex.There are many styles and types of sexy underwear. Different from underwear we wear in our daily life, sexy underwear is more sexy and tease, and can stimulate rich sexual fantasy and desire.With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of gender and sex, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.

Introduction to wedding sexy underwear

Wedding erotic underwear is one of the essential products for newcomers weddings. It not only needs beauty, but also needs the atmosphere of the occasion.Wedding sexy underwear is generally pure white, pink, and pink. The design is sophisticated, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the cut is exquisite. It is more extra than the ordinary wedding dress.Happy.

Wedding erotic underwear classification

Wedding erotic underwear is mainly divided into four categories: burst of milk wedding sexy underwear, front split wedding sexy underwear, transparent wedding sexy underwear and combined wedding sexy underwear.Among them, the explosive wedding sexy underwear highlights the full advantage of breasts, adds the perspective design, and can boldly show sexy charm after wearing.The front -cut wedding sexy underwear is suitable for beautiful legs with beautiful legs. You can adjust the length of the wedding dress by adjusting the side shoulder to make the sexy curve more significant.Transparent wedding sexy underwear is an important type. The transparency of clothing can bring different sexy effects.The combined wedding sexy underwear is to enhance the above types to make you the sexiest and charming bride.

Explosion of Breast Wedding Wedding Underwear Design Schematic diagram

Breaking milk Wedding Interesting underwear can highlight the advantages of the bride’s chest and allow her to bravely show sexy charm.Below is a design diagram of a burst of milk wedding sexy lingerie:

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Follow -up wedding sex underwear design schematic diagram

The front split wedding sex underwear can show the beautiful leg shape of the bride. Below is a design schematic of a front split wedding sexy underwear:

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Transparent wedding sexy underwear design schematic diagram

The transparent wedding sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear. The transparency of the clothing can bring different sexy effects.Below is a design diagram of the transparent wedding sexy underwear:

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Significant diagram of combined wedding sexy lingerie

The combined wedding sexy underwear is to enhance the above types to make the bride the most sexy and charming bride.Below is a schematic diagram of a combined wedding dress erotic lingerie:

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How to choose the right wedding sexy underwear?

First of all, you need to consider your physical characteristics and choose a style that suits you.Secondly, you need to choose from the theme of the wedding to ensure that the sexy underwear is consistent with the wedding style.If you like sexy effects, you can choose a transparent or split wedding sexy underwear; if you like to show the beautiful effect, you can choose a bursting or combined wedding sexy underwear.

How to correctly wear wedding sexy underwear?

First, you need to choose your size correctly to better show your figure curve.Then, after wearing a wedding sexy underwear, you need to adjust your body to the best state, so that the wedding sexy underwear can achieve better results.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

After each time the sexy lingerie is worn, soak it with flowing water for a while and turn it over to the way.Use some dedicated detergents.Pay attention to sunscreen and moisture -proof, especially seeing the perspective and thin sexy underwear, to avoid direct sunlight, and to dry clothes in time to avoid mold.

in conclusion

Wedding erotic underwear is a must -have part of the newcomer wedding. It not only highlights the romance and joy of the newcomer, but also adds sex.Choosing a suitable wedding sexy underwear can improve the quality of sex and let people enjoy unparalleled sexual pleasure.I hope that this article can be helpful to choose a wedding sexy underwear.

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