What are the fun underwear brands in the 1940s

What are the fun underwear brands in the 1940s

1. Innocent girl style

In the early 1940s, sexy underwear brands were mostly based on innocent girl style.Under the background of the social background at the time, this anti -traditional underwear design fits women’s pursuit of liberation and freedom.Brands such as Hollywood Vassarette and BestForm have launched various lace, lace and pleated designs.

2. Triangular socks and pants basement

At that time, the popular dancing and exercise needed to wear suitable underwear to make the body more freely moved.Therefore, triangular socks and pants are undoubtedly the most popular sexy lingerie style at that time. It can close the body and make women more charming.This fashion was PARTICularly Popularized by Brands Like Jantzen and Warner.

3. pleated skirt -style tulle underwear

In this era, the popularity of skirt emphasized the curve of women’s bodies.Therefore, many sexy underwear brands have launched pleated skirt -style tulle underwear to better present women’s body curves.This underwear is often paired with lace pads or stockings, which is more sexy and elegant.

4. Discover hook flower design

In the mid -1940s, the sexy underwear brand began to introduce hook flowers to create a sexy and fashionable sense of underwear.This design is often used on the panties of tulle or transparent materials, dotted with various decorations to create a seductive atmosphere.This design has been widely used in brands such as MaidenForm and Gossard.

5. High -profile rod corset

The high -profile rod corset has become more popular in the late 1940s.The design of this corset uses the pole to increase the support of the chest, making women more confident.This underwear is also often equipped with various flower prints or pleated edges to increase sexuality.These corsets have high sales in mainstream brands such as MaidenForm and Gossard.

6. sunset color perspective panties

The sunset color perspective underwear is introduced in the mid -1940s. The perspective effect of the gradient color is used to create a sensual atmosphere.This underwear is often used in pink, dark red or purple colors, and many women see it as one of the most charming sexy lingerie styles.

7. Super chest pad design

Super chest pad design has also been widely used in this era.This underwear uses a thick pad design to increase the fullness of the chest. Many brands such as Playtex and Warners have launched this kind of corset.Not only do they make women more confident, they can also strengthen their back support and bring comfort to the body.

8. Black high heels and stockings

In the 1940s, the style and accessories of sexy lingerie were complementary.In addition to various sexy underwear, black high heels and stockings are also one of the women’s treasures.This accessory can be paired with sweaters, skirts and other fashion items to bring more fashionable and sexy feelings to women.

9. Pink silk lining skirt

The pink silk lining skirt is one of the fashion trends in the mid -1940s.This single product is both elegant and sexy, and can make women more prominent.Pink silk lining skirts are usually paired with various lace and pleated underwear. Many brands, such as Warners, launched many types of underwear at the time.

10. End language

The 40s was the golden age of sexy underwear. Various popular styles and designs made women in this era more free and confident.From the tradition of the time to the diversification of modernity, the style of erotic lingerie has continued to evolve.Today’s sexy underwear design pays more attention to the physical characteristics of individual women, and each woman can find a style and design that suits them.

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