Western sex lingerie map

Western sex lingerie map


Interesting underwear is undoubtedly a unique female clothing. With its sexy, tempting, and mysterious characteristics, it has attracted the attention of many female friends.Among all kinds of erotic underwear, Western sex lingerie is most widely welcomed, and it is popular because of its rich types, diverse styles, and colorful colors.

Sexy corset

Sexy corset has always been a popular item in Western erotic underwear, especially for women with less breasts. It can make the chest more upright and full through a thickened and high design.

Sex bikini

Fun bikini is a sexy, hot sexy underwear, usually consisting of two parts: the upper body is a vest bikini underwear, and the lower body is a simple T underwear. It is both beautiful and generous and slightly tempting, so it is loved by young women.

Sexy skirt

Sexy long skirt, as the name suggests, is a very sexy female underwear style. It usually uses lace, satin, red, black, etc. to create a sexyThe atmosphere of temptation.

Temptation stockings

For women, stockings can effectively improve the beauty of the figure and have more charming effects, so they are widely used in Western sex underwear.In addition, stockings and underwear also have the perfect abdomen effect that ordinary underwear does not have, which can effectively shape the figure.

Hot glove

Hot gloves are a very unique sexy lingerie single product. Because of its narrow design, it shows the beautiful curve of women’s arms, so it is very popular.Especially wearing formal clothing during the day, putting on a hot glove, full of sexy charm.

Perspective underwear

Permanent underwear, this is one of the classic styles in Western erotic underwear, with a very charming appearance, especially the perspective cup and the dim texture of the perspective underwear, which makes people feel very mysterious and obscure.Out of the sexy charm of women.

Vest underwear

Vela underwear is a very comfortable and practical sexy underwear. It can wrap the upper part of the body closely, making the body look thinner and slender.Vecent underwear is usually made of very soft materials, and it is also a very comfortable dressing experience for women.

Belly pista underwear

Beltic underwear is a very small, sexy and unique sexy underwear.Compared with other erotic underwear, the area of belly pocket underwear is very small, but it also makes it look mysterious and charming.In addition, bellyband underwear can effectively highlight the sexy parts of the chest and abdomen.

Low waist underwear

Low waist underwear is a very comfortable and natural sexy underwear, which is very practical.The design of this underwear makes people feel particularly comfortable and natural, and it will not make women wearing it feel any sense of restraint, so it is welcomed by women.


In general, due to its sexy, temptation, mystery and other characteristics, Western sex underwear can add a confidence and charm to women.When choosing Western sex underwear, you must not only pay attention to styles, patterns, materials and other factors, but also choose the one that suits you according to your body and temperament, so as to wear good results.

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