Tips can not afford fun underwear

Tips can not afford fun underwear

For many women, wearing erotic underwear is not only to increase self -confidence, but also to better express their charm.However, if you have a small chest, you will often feel unable to support your sexy underwear and lose your self -confidence and charm.However, in fact, with the correct choice and match, you can also wear sexy and seductive effects.Next, I will introduce you to the problems and solutions of the sexy underwear about small breasts.

1. Basic situation of the chest

Everyone’s body and chest are unique, and it is very important to understand their bodies and chest conditions.First of all, you need to determine your own cup size, which is the basic basis for the selection of underwear size.Secondly, you also need to consider your chest shape, fat distribution, elasticity and other factors.Only by understanding yourself can you choose to buy more sexy lingerie.

Second, choose a cup with supportive effects

If you have a small chest, you can buy some supportive cups, such as 3/4 cups, full cups, steel -free rings, and chest.When trying it on, pay attention to whether the cup is suitable and whether the chest is close to the cup. If so, then the high effect of this sexy underwear is very good, making your chest look fuller.

Third, choose sexy underwear with transparent lining

For women with small breasts, it is more suitable to choose a transparent lining underwear.This underwear can not only increase sexy, but also block the nipple’s protrusions and make the chest look fuller.

Fourth, choose squeezed breasts sexy underwear

The squeezing sexy underwear is the savior of a small female female.It can wrap the chest from the upper and lower sides to form a plump and full curve of the plump and plump. At the same time, the chest can be gathered to make the cleavage deeper and sexy.

5. Choose a more fulfilling style

When choosing sexy lingerie styles, you should choose some more fulfilling styles, such as underwear with detailed design, or some design with folds and pleated edges.This can add some coverage and fill in the chest, enhance the three -dimensional sense, and look fuller.

6. Choose tedious styles

Some erotic underwear uses tedious designs, such as cobra patterns, princess sleeves, lotus leaf edges, etc. These can disperse the attention of others for your chest. The visual experience of people is the overall beauty. It is not easy to find that your chest is small.Shortcomings.

Seven, choose bright and diverse sexy underwear

In terms of color and patterns, women can choose some bright and diverse sexy underwear.This can attract more attention, so that your chest no longer looks small and weak.

8. Match with skirts or high waist pants

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear style and style, you can also choose to pair with high waist pants or ultra -short skirts.charm.


In general, choosing the right sexy underwear must not only consider your body and chest, but also combine the occasions and comprehensive considerations to achieve the best wear effect.I hope my suggestion can help you choose the style and style that suits you in the process of choosing sexy underwear, and wear your own beauty and confidence.

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