There is a female sexy underwear salesman come to the door

Open the door to surprise

One afternoon, I watched the TV at home and opened the door after pressing the doorbell. It turned out to be a female salesman. She introduced some sexy underwear, and there were some brands and styles I have never heard of.I was attracted by her enthusiasm and professional knowledge.

Understand the brand and style

The salesman introduced me to sexy underwear of various sizes, styles and colors. She told me the difference between the brand and style, and the characteristics of each sexy underwear.After her introduction and explanation, I know more about my needs and decide to try some new brands and new styles of sexy underwear.

Comfort and quality

The salesman emphasizes the comfort and quality of sexy underwear.She showed me some soft and breathable sexy underwear, as well as underwear with exquisite appearance and strict production technology.She told me that the quality of these underwear guarantees that I feel comfortable and can be used for a long time.

Choose a suitable size

The salesman helped me find a size that suits me.She measured my body size in detail and recommended me some size that is more suitable than me.She told me that if wearing a suitable size, the sexy underwear will be more comfortable, and the appearance of the key points can be fully prominent.

Different parts need different designs

Another technique of a salesman is to recommend sex underwear in different parts based on my physical shape and needs.She told me, "Some parts need additional support and tolerance, while others need more interference and aggression." She recommended different styles and designs to me according to my needs to meet my needs.

Rich color selection

The salesman showed me many sexy underwear of different colors.She told me that different colors have different feelings and effects.For example, light tones can show a pure and refreshing appearance, while the dark tone can show a sexy and mysterious feeling.She chose the color that suits me for me to emphasize my complexion and personality.


The salesman also provided me with some clothing suggestions with sexy underwear.She told me that paying attention to the matching of the elements when mating with clothing, such as color, texture, texture, etc.She also shared some fashionable dressing skills with me to achieve a sexy appearance and comfortable heart.

Purchase time and place

The salesman provides me with the time and place suggestions for buying sexy underwear.She told me that buying finance on holidays and promotion will be more favorable, and provides me with information about some good reputable physical stores and online sellers.She provides me with convenience and safety of buying sexy underwear.

personal opinion

In this interactive exchanges with sexy underwear salespersons, I learned a lot of knowledge about brands and styles from her, the importance of comfort and quality, suitable for the design of the size and different parts, rich color choice, and rich color choice, andMatching skills with clothing.I believe that these knowledge can help me choose and use sexy underwear better to live a more pleasant and satisfying life.

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