The male lead coax the female lead to wear sex underwear

The male lead coax the female lead to wear sex underwear

1 Introduction

A sexy erotic underwear is undoubtedly one of the way women express their softness, and sometimes women also need their partner’s encouragement and support.In the relationship between men and women, men need to understand women’s sexy underwear, help her find one that suits her, and become her spiritual pillar.So in this article, let’s discuss the skills of the male lead coaxing the female lead to wear sexy underwear.

2. Observe women

Before choosing a sexy underwear, understanding a woman is a very important step.Observe what style of clothes she likes and what color she wears.In addition, understanding her body characteristics and reasonable choice of fitting size and styles will make her feel more accepted by love.

3. Communication and common choice

Under normal circumstances, women have doubts about their body and her problems, which requires men to communicate with her.Understand the advantages she wants and the disadvantages she wants, and help her choose the most suitable sexy underwear.Together to make women have more self -confidence, and deepen the emotional exchanges between the two.

4. Create love atmosphere

It is also important to create a romantic and sexy atmosphere when coking women to wear sexy underwear.For example, you can order candles in the room and play soothing music to relax the woman and stimulate her lust.

5. Details

The details can decide success and failure, and it is no exception in coaxing women to wear sexy underwear.For example, after helping her to wear a fun underwear, she can spray perfumes on her, or kiss her forehead. These details can make women feel more concerned and caring.

6. Praise the woman

Women often need to hear the praise of men, and they are no exception when coaxing women to wear sexy underwear.It takes a certain amount of time to create a sexy appearance for women. At this time, praise the woman’s body and charm in a timely manner, which will enhance her self -confidence in wearing fun underwear.

7. Pay attention to whether women are comfortable

Although sexy underwear is very tempting, sometimes it may not be very comfortable for women.Therefore, when coking women to wear fun underwear, pay attention to the comfort of women to ensure that she feels comfortable, rather than being restricted and uncomfortable.

8. Accept the choice of women

Every woman has their own preferences and styles. Therefore, even if men and women have differences in choosing sexy underwear, they need to respect the choice of women.Even if men do not like women’s choices very much, they should accept her choice and think for her.

9. Last step

When a woman wears fun underwear, men need to show their joy and excitement, and at the same time make women feel their satisfaction and praise through words or action.This will make women more confident and easier to live with underwear.

10. Conclusion

Coaxing women to wear fun underwear is a very detailed and arduous process. Men need to pay attention to women’s needs and preferences, create a sexy and romantic atmosphere, respect the choice of women, and praise the charm and courage of praising women.Only in this context can we successfully coax women to put on sexy underwear.

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