Questions of sexy underwear model interview standards

What is sexy underwear model

Sex underwear models are a professional model that specifically shows a variety of sexy or naked sexy underwear.They usually play an important role in fashion shows, brand promotion and other activities, and are an indispensable role in the marketing of sexy underwear brand.

Recruitment standard for sexy underwear models

When brand recruitment sex lingerie models, selection will be selected according to the following standards:


Interest underwear models must have a good figure, coordinated proportions, beautiful lines, and aesthetic standards.This is the most basic requirement to become sexy underwear models.


Interesting underwear models generally require between 18-30 years old. This is because women’s body and skin are in good condition at this age, which can better show the charm of sexy underwear.

Face, temperament

In addition to the figure, the face and temperament of sexy underwear models are also investigated.They usually need a beautiful face, fresh and natural temperament, and good expression.


Having a wealth of model experience in the past, it can better win the position of sexy underwear model.This is also a factor that the brand recruitment of sexy underwear models.


Interest underwear models are a high -demand occupation, so you should pay attention to the following points:


As a sexy underwear model, maintaining a good figure is the most basic requirement.They need to maintain daily exercise and healthy diet to achieve better performance.

Mental state

Interest underwear models need to maintain a good mental state when showing sex underwear, even if the audience’s eyes are gaze and different.Be sure to be confident and calm.

Makeup technique

Makeup is one of the necessary skills for sexy underwear models. They should master some special skills and makeup products to create a more sexy and attractive effect.

Clothing experience

Sexual underwear models must always pay attention to ensure that wearing every sexy underwear feels comfortable and natural, because when showing sexy underwear, irritability and panic will destroy everything.

Value transmission

As sexual underwear models, they need to understand the value of the brand and the significance of consumers.To maintain such a value concept, an excellent sexy underwear model should become a strong spokesperson for the brand image.


Interest underwear models are an important spokesperson for sex underwear brands. As one of them, they need to maintain an excellent, healthy physical condition and mental state.This is not only responsible for the career of the sexy underwear model itself, but also represents the image of the brand. Therefore, the learning of improving its own quality and professional skills is an important part that cannot be ignored.

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