The interesting underwear in Baoding Mall

Baoding Shopping Mall Qu quietly launch

As a kind of beautiful and sexy underwear, erotic underwear has been welcomed by women in recent years.And Baoding’s mall is not far away, and various sexy underwear began to introduce various types of sexy underwear.The following is a summary of the relevant information of the sexy underwear in Baoding Mall.

Store name and location

Baoding Crystal Life Plaza is located at the intersection of Cultural Road and Zhongshan East Road. It is a larger shopping mall in Baoding.Among them, the "Love theme" store on the second floor of Capital Pin is one of the main sellers of the sexy underwear of Baoding Mall.

Brand and style

There are various types of sex underwear brands of "love themes", including well -known domestic and foreign brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Aimer, etc.There are also many styles, with sexy underwear with different colors, different materials, and different decorations.Not only that, the store also sells various sex products, such as wolf tooth sticks, mouthball, flirting flywheel, etc.

Price and quality

The price of sexy underwear is between hundreds and thousands of yuan, and the prices of different brands and styles will be different.Corresponding to the price, the quality and material of these erotic underwear are relatively high. When the factory leaves the factory, it has been tested by multiple quality to ensure that it is comfortable and safe to wear.

For people

Interesting underwear has certain restrictions on both materials, styles, and functions. It is usually suitable for young women or women who love sexy and romantic moods.It is not suitable for some older or more comfortable women.

How to buy?

In addition to considering your preferences and figures, you also need to consider whether the fabric of the underwear is comfortable and easy to clean.Therefore, in the process of buying, you need to check the materials of the underwear carefully and instructions.

Purchase process

Under normal circumstances, buying sex underwear does not require additional procedures.Just choose the right size and style to pay the corresponding amount.However, on the sexy underwear of overseas brands, you need to learn about the related Haitao policy and purchase.


Interest underwear also requires certain maintenance and maintenance during use.During the dressing process, be careful not to pull and rub the underwear to avoid damage to the quality of the underwear; you should also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight when drying underwear.

Is it suitable for daily wear?

Interest underwear is basically designed for special occasions, such as bed games, cosplay and other scenes, which are not suitable for daily wear.Because the clothing is too sexy and rich, wearing discomfort at all times.

Customer evaluation and customer service service

Regarding the sexy underwear of "Love theme" shops, customers have high evaluation of high evaluation, and have given high evaluation of the color, design, texture, etc. of the underwear.And the customer service service of the store has also received corresponding praise.


The sexy underwear of Baoding Mall has gradually entered the consumer’s sight, and it also provides women with a new shopping experience.When choosing to buy sexy underwear, we must not only pay attention to fashion style, but also pay attention to quality and safety.

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