The guy sells sexy underwear

New facial faces of underwear shop

In people’s impression, the owners who run the sexy underwear shop are middle -aged women or middle -aged men. However, in a sexy lingerie shop in Jiangning District, Nanjing, a 23 -year -old guy has become a new face.

There is no puzzle

"Thank you so much, so enthusiastically and patiently explain to me. I never knew how to choose the right underwear before, hesitated, now I finally know which one to choose." Hearing this, the guy’s heart evenHe was a little excited because he was troubled by the trouble that he was unable to choose when buying a sexy underwear, and he decided to become an underwear expert to help others solve the same problem.

Basic knowledge of underwear experts

To become an underwear expert, we must first master the basic knowledge.The guy revealed that sexy underwear is mainly divided into three categories: pajamas, corset and sexy outfit.There are different styles under different classifications, such as pajamas can be divided into dresses, lace lace, mesh, etc.; Corsets include gathered type, cup type, steel -free type, etc.Under these basic classification, there are many small details that can distinguish different styles, such as the width, adjustment method of the shoulder strap, the texture and breathability of the fabric.

Tailor -made is the king

The most important thing for buying erotic underwear is suitable, and suitable underwear often needs to be tailored.In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, the guy gives full play to his professional knowledge, combined with his practical experience, and a tailor -made underwear for the customer’s body shape.In this way, customers can not only enjoy the greatest comfort, but also satisfy their aesthetic pursuit.

Sexy and comfortable coexistence

Some people think that sexy underwear is the bondage of tight bones, but it is not.Today’s sexy underwear is also the crystallization of high -tech materials and advanced craftsmanship. Not only can it not only highlight the advantages of women, but also give better protection and better dressing experience.Using suitable underwear categories can solve the problem of pressure on foot discomfort, fullness of uncomfortable body, and waist pain.

Fashion and taste

Fashion and personality are unique places from underwear, from material to style, from solid color to pattern, from bright to calm, and sexy underwear is becoming more and more professional.EssenceThe sense of smell and vision is equally important. Try to match different fabrics, colors, and special craftsmanship, which can not only glow with different kinds of beauty, but also highlight the personality and taste of customers.

Standing on the position of consumers

The reason why the guy obtained the trust and loyalty of customers in his shop is due to his ability to think in other places and stand on the consumer’s position.He deeply realized that establishing a solid relationship with customers must not only let customers feel the value of goods and services, but also give timely follow -up and answers to after -sales problems.

Excellent sellers need patience and meticulousness

It is not easy to accumulate customer resources. It is not easy to have a group of underwear experts who know about raw flowers, style construction and after -sales service.Compared to active sales and price discounts, patience and meticulous work are the mark of each underwear owner engraved after the time.

Excellent underwear shop based on the future

The guy is confident in the future of the underwear store."I think that with the development of society, the cognition and treatment of temperament will be more tolerant and open, and sexy underwear will get more and more attention." He said, "excellent underwear stores areAll aspects must continue to innovate, improve service quality and experience, so that customers no longer just accept services, but will always be loyal to our spokesperson and enthusiasts.


Underwear is the most private and most important wear of women. The importance of choosing a suitable professional underwear seller is self -evident.Their role not only provides a new wearing experience and aesthetic senses, but also to ensure the health and confidence of women.Therefore, when you encounter doubts about your body and emotions, you might as well communicate with the mind, let professional underwear sellers bring you many unexpected surprises and movements.

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