The erotic underwear is gone outside

The sexy underwear is exposed?

In summer, beautiful and sexy underwear is always the favorite of women, so many people are accustomed to exposed their own sexy underwear to the sun to increase the effect of drying moisture.But have you ever had such anxiety: the drying underwear is gone?This problem is actually very common, and there are many possible reasons.

Underwear is not fixed

If your underwear is not fixed, especially when you are drying, your underwear may fall.For example, if you hang the underwear on the balcony and the ground is relatively short, in this case, if your underwear is hung on the clothes rod, and the underwear is firmly fixed on the clothes rod through the clip.When there is wind or other factors, the underwear will naturally fall into the garden downstairs.

The underwear was stolen

Sometimes, your enemy may not be a strong wind or weather condition, but humans itself.Almost all underwear has some sexy and charming details, and the lace, velvet and lace are very easy to attract the eyes of the people you drying underwear.For improper underwear fans or thieves, the chance of drying is too rare, so they may take the opportunity to steal your underwear.

The underwear was blown away by the wind

The balcony at home is not as tall as the balcony on the coast in the summer, but the balcony often-even if there is no wind-produce some breeze, and the breeze can easily blow away your sexy underwear.One of the best ways to prevent underwear from being blown away by the wind is to firmly fix the underwear through the tools such as clips and fix it on the clothes rod.

The underwear was dragged away by animals

If you are unfortunately living in a place with a lot of wild animals, then you choose to dry the underwear is very important.Especially for some curious animals, looking at the beautiful erotic underwear outside, it will have the idea of infringing your privacy.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a ventilated place that is not close to the trees or grass, so as to ensure that the underwear is not dragged away by animals.

The underwear was taken away by the nanny next to

If you are single, there are no nanny, cleaners and other personnel at home, then the possibility of your sexy underwear will be taken away.However, if you have a nanny or home cleaning staff, then you need to be very careful.Although the quality of cleaners and nanny is getting higher and higher, there are still many bad cleaners who steal valuables in the family.

It is recommended to choose the interior to dry

In order to avoid the destruction of various factors from the outside world, it is recommended to choose the appropriate place to dry in the room.Underwear needs to be exposed to three to four hours to eliminate stains and wetness.Obviously, in the stuffy room, the underwear will dry faster and the effect will be better.

Choose the right type and material underwear

There is also a very abstract but very important detail, that is, choose the appropriate type and material sexy underwear.For example, if you are drying your clothes at home, it is best to choose a thinner material underwear to prevent it from being too humid and itchy.If you are drying clothes outdoors and warm sunshine outdoors, you can choose some thick -material underwear to appropriately increase the temperature of the underwear, which is easier to dry.

Buy a drying rack

However, the best way is to buy a drying rack to easily dry different quality clothes. You can also tighten the underwear on the clothes rod, even if it rains, don’t be afraid.At the same time, it can also avoid encountering some terrible fungi when drying clothes, such as: yellow mold, which is easy to breed in humid conditions and even become the causes of pneumonia and asthma.

Underwear is a personal item to a certain extent

In short, underwear is a private item to a certain extent, and we need to pay attention to measures when drying.Many erotic underwear are exquisitely designed, and it is easy to attract the attention of others, and it is easy to be stolen or dropped.Therefore, reasonable drying places and fixed methods can effectively prevent accidental loss or loss of sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose a clean, ventilated and private place. Choosing the appropriate time and location indoors to dry is the safest and healthiest choice.

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