The difference between erotic underwear and body -shaping clothes


Interest underwear and body clothes are two completely different things. Although their purpose is to make women look more sexy and attractive, their principles and functions are completely different.In this article, we will explore the differences between sexy underwear and body clothes in detail.


Sex underwear is usually transparent, soft, and thinner, which can better reflect the body curve of women and also increase the sexy effect.The body is usually made of thick and tight materials. Their function is mainly abdomen and shaping, so the material requires strong elasticity and support.


Interesting underwear is usually more focused on visual effects. Their design styles are diverse, covering stockings, pantyhose, sexy underwear suits, sexy underwear, role -playing clothes and cat women.Although there are many different designs, the body shaping jacket is mainly based on yellow, pink and other naked skin tones, helping users to hide fat and lines better.


The main function of erotic underwear is to increase the hot interest between husband and wife. It can make women look more sexy and attractive, and increase the visual impulse of men.The main function of the body is shaped, slimming, and abdomen.Although sexy underwear helps women create a perfect body curve, it does not really change the shape of the body, and the icing clothes can truly improve the defect of the figure.


Interest underwear is usually worn on love festivals such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary or husband and wife in special occasions. The purpose is to add fun and romantic atmosphere.The body -shaping jacket can be worn at any time in daily life, which can help women be more confident and beautiful in work and social occasions.

Gender difference

Interest underwear is mainly for women, and it is a way for women to show their beauty.The body is divided into men and women. Not only can women use it, but men can also use them when shaping their own physical forms.


The comfort of erotic underwear depends to a large extent on materials and design. Some soft and breathable sexy underwear can make women feel very comfortable. Some rough and tight sexy underwear can make women feel uncomfortable.The body is also different from material and design, which may bring different comfortable experiences to women.

difference in price

Interesting underwear is generally high. The reason is that the materials are excellent, the design is novel, and it also has high sexuality and interest, so the price is relatively expensive.The price of body shaping jackets is relatively low, and it can be bought on various common market platforms, such as Taobao, Tmall, etc. At the same time, due to the large market share, the body -shaping clothes created by the self -produced and self -selling company are also with the sex clothes.Similarly, different materials are different.


Sex underwear is not particularly demanding for personal body conditions and age, as long as it meets the taste and hobbies of the individual.The bodybuilding clothes need to be selected according to the specific body defects, so as to achieve a more ideal weight loss effect.

Maintenance method

Interesting underwear and bodywear are different in maintenance. Interest underwear generally requires hand washing, flat drying, and avoiding exposure.The body shaping jacket requires regular cleaning, avoiding light, and avoiding direct sunlight to maintain its original elasticity and shape.

in conclusion

In short, although sexy underwear and body clothes can bring beautiful changes to women, there are major differences in the occasions, functions, materials, design and price aspects they use.Therefore, when choosing, you need to choose according to your needs and actual situation.

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