Taobao sex underwear shooting meeting

Taobao sex underwear shooting meeting

Taobao, one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, has a wide range of product categories.Among them, in the field of sex supplies, Taobao has a large number of high -quality sexy underwear sellers.With the advent of the Internet era, Taobao customers’ demand for sexy underwear is getting higher and higher, so Taobao’s sex underwear shooting will emerge.

Venue layout

Taobao sex underwear shooting meetings are generally held in large -scale studio, and the venue layout is generally luxurious and luxurious.There are a lot of sexy underwear beauty models on the scene, and the walls are covered with huge sexy underwear advertising posters, which fully reflect the sexy and elegant sexy underwear.

Shooting mode

Taobao sex underwear shooting is generally carried out in the form of batch rotation.The advantage of this is that the corresponding manufacturers or sellers have their own time to shoot, and they will not interfere with each other.During each batch of shooting, multiple shooting groups are generally arranged for shooting different scenes to achieve the purpose of vividly displaying each sexy underwear.

Clothing transformation

At the sex underwear shooting meeting, models usually need to replace dozens of different sexy underwear to show the characteristics of each sexy underwear.This is a very big challenge for models, and they need to make multiple clothing changes quickly and accurately.

Shooting equipment

Taobao sex underwear shooting will have a variety of shooting equipment.In addition to professional cameras and lighting equipment, there are 360 -degree panoramic cameras, VR shooting equipment, etc.These devices can help photographers and sellers to display product attributes and improve customers’ purchase experience.

Venue light

The lighting demand for sex underwear shooting meetings is very high, and it needs to fully show the details of the sexy underwear.This requires the light setting of the scene to be soft enough to avoid unnatural shadows, which affects the judgment of customers.At the same time, the lighting angle should be set according to the shooting scene to show the fashionability of sexy underwear.

Photographers and models

Sex underwear shooting will rigorously formulate the technical standards of models and photographers. They require models to relax themselves as much as possible to achieve more realistic results.At the same time, photographers must grab each shooting point to achieve higher shooting efficiency and ensure that each picture fully shows the characteristics of the product.


Taobao sex underwear shooting usually uses some accessories to match sex underwear.For example, various styles of stockings, lace gloves, sexy shawl, bed game supplies, etc. These accessories can better show the beauty of sexy underwear and provide customers with more purchase options.

Post -processing

After the shooting, post -processing needs to be performed.This includes art design, color adjustment, special effects addition, etc.Later processing can improve the quality of the picture, so as to better show the characteristics of sexy underwear and make customers more willing to buy these products.


Taobao sex underwear shooting is a very complicated job.To succeed, the collaboration of various professional skills is needed.As customers’ demand for sexy underwear is getting higher and higher, Taobao sex underwear shooting will become more important.

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