Taobao sex underwear on the right permissions

Taobao sex underwear on the right permissions

Taobao is an increasingly popular online shopping platform. It has the most online merchants and consumer resources. In order to protect the interests of consumers, Taobao requires merchants to sheets on their platforms on their platforms.

1. The way to apply for the right of the shelves

Merchants of Taobao’s sexy underwear must obtain the corresponding business license. They can apply for the right to apply for the initial white list by applying for the initial white list from Taobao.

2. Application for the first settlement of the white list

Businesses who have settled in Taobao Bai list for the first time need to submit a copy of the copy of the business license of the enterprise/individual household, the copy of the tax registration certificate, the copy of the organization code certificate, etc. At the same time, it also needs to provide a deposit as a warranty to ensure the credit and after -sales after -sales on the platformThe service behavior meets the requirements of Taobao.

3. "Quality is the king" method to apply

Merchants can choose "Quality is the King" method to apply for the rights. Merchants need to open the store on Taobao, and carry out activities in accordance with Taobao regulations. Relying on good customer service and conscience, they can get the rights of listing.

4. Regulations that need to be complied with after applying

After applying for the right of the shelves, merchants need to comply with the provisions of Taobao’s compulsory execution. If they cannot sell counterfeit and shoddy products, they cannot increase prices without authorization. Otherwise, they will face severe consequences of deducting credibility, restrictions on sales, punishment, and even names.

Fifth, precautions for sexy underwear

There are many matters that you need to pay attention to in sexy underwear. If you need to specify the materials, styles and other information of sexy underwear in the product description, you cannot use excessive erotic text and pictures. Be sure to mark the washing instructions to avoid causing users’ dissatisfaction.

6. Customer service specifications must be strictly abide by

Merchants should strictly follow Taobao’s customer service specifications. If they should respond to the requirements of users’ consultations, return and exchanges, etc., they must not have excessive questioning, mandatory evaluation, and false performance.

7. Before the goods are on the shelves, you need to take the initiative to consult Taobao

Before preparing to put on a sexy underwear, merchants can first learn about relevant policies and regulations on Taobao customer service. At the same time, when preparing the product details page, they can also consult relevant Taobao departments in order to better sell sexy underwear on Taobao.

8. Putting on the platform review needs to be patient

After the application is submitted, Taobao will review the application information within the internal, and the merchant will be given to the merchant after passing the approval.During this period, merchants need to wait patiently for the results of the review, while actively cooperating with the requirements and data review of Taobao staff.

9. Comply with relevant national laws and regulations

In the process of making sexy underwear, merchants also need to comply with relevant national laws and regulations, such as the "People’s Republic of China Anti -Pornography Law" and other regulations on pornographic products sales. In the process of selling sexy underwear, they must not violate the law.

10. Conclusion

The listing authority of Taobao sex underwear has an important impact on the operation of the merchant and the purchase of user purchase. It can obtain the authority and abide by the relevant regulations.Users can better feel at ease and get a good shopping experience.

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