Taobao sex underwear evaluation no picture

Taobao sex underwear evaluation no picture

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, more and more people have begun to choose online purchase of sexy underwear. Among them, Taobao, as the largest domestic e -commerce platform, has also begun to get involved in sexy underwear sales.However, objectively speaking, the quality and style of Taobao sex underwear are not satisfactory.This article will evaluate Taobao sex underwear from the three aspects of the purchase, quality and service of Taobao sex underwear.


For those who buy sexy underwear for the first time, the most important thing when buying is to choose the right size.However, the size of the size in Taobao sex underwear lacks standardization. Some merchants are made according to the standard size, and some are made according to the clothing size, while others directly mark the product as "one code".Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the size of the merchant when buying, and you can contact the merchant to confirm it clearly.


The quality of Taobao sex underwear is uneven, and the quality of some products is even very inferior.This is because Taobao accepts any merchants to settle in, and the integrity and quality of merchants are uneven.It is recommended to pay attention to the credibility and customer evaluation of the merchant when buying, and choose to evaluate the buyer with better evaluation to avoid buying products from bad merchants.


The service of Taobao sex lingerie needs to be improved.Sometimes, merchants may have false propaganda or even fraud. At this time, consumers will be caught in a bottleneck, how to ask for invoices or how to apply for returns and exchanges.Therefore, when buying, we can first view the customer service quality and service attitude of the merchant, and choose a good merchant to buy it to protect our rights and interests to the greatest extent.

Fashion style

Although the quality and service of Taobao sex underwear are not as good as offline shops, the sexy lingerie on Taobao is extremely rich in style, novel and creative.There are many products that are unimaginable or not doing offline stores, and Taobao is very clear.If you are looking for different, trendy sexy lingerie, Taobao is a good choice.

Cost -effective

The price of sexy underwear on Taobao is generally low for offline stores, and it can be said that it is relatively cost -effective.Especially for students with lower income, the price advantage of sexy underwear on Taobao is more obvious.If it is a person who pays attention to cost -effectiveness, it will be more cost -effective to choose sexy underwear.


As an online shopping platform, Taobao attaches great importance to the return and exchange policy.If there are problems such as quality problems or inappropriate sizes received by the received sex underwear, you can return the goods within a certain period of time.Although the return and exchange policy can protect consumers, there will also be some bad merchants that regard it as a means of virtual high prices, so we must also take a closer look at the merchant’s return and exchange policy when buying.


The Taobao mechanism guarantees the speed and reliability of logistics. Generally, the logistics time can be controlled within 3-5 days.However, because sexy underwear is a special product, more confidentiality measures are needed when conducting logistics, and it also has more special requirements for the choice of logistics companies.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear merchant, you need to carefully understand the logistics and smuggling services of the merchant.

in conclusion

All in all, although there is a gap between Taobao’s sexy lingerie quality, service and offline shops or professional sexy underwear websites, Taobao sex underwear has richer styles and preferential prices.At the same time, for most consumers, Taobao provides a more convenient way for buying sexy underwear.But there are not many honest merchants, and consumers need to conduct more screening when choosing.

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