Taobao buying sex underwear picture review

1 Introduction

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a choice for many people, but have you ever encountered a rejected?Taobao has strict audit standards for sexy underwear, and unfinished pictures are easily rejected.So how to avoid being rejected when you buy a sexy underwear picture on Taobao?Next, this article will explain to you what you should pay attention to.

2. Cover key parts

Taobao stipulates that sexy underwear pictures are prohibited from appetite, so when shooting, pay attention to blocking key parts, such as nipples and private parts.You can use tools such as stickers or obstructions to ensure that the picture meets Taobao’s audit standards.

3. Pay attention to light and background

Light and background are also one of the factors affecting the review.When shooting sex underwear, it is best to choose a good light transmittance environment, and ensure that the objects in the environment should not be too fancy or messy.This is conducive to Taobao auditors to better geographically solve the appearance and effect of sexy underwear.

4. Correctly describe product information

Taobao’s description of product information also has corresponding regulations. Do not try false publicity or other bad behaviors.When describing products, pay attention to the use of correct and standard terms to make people sound comfortable and natural.In this way, the opportunity can be increased in the review.

5. Avoid using vulgar words

In order to avoid the case of not being approved, too vulgar terms should be avoided, such as: pornography, obscenity, obscenity, etc.This can avoid misunderstanding and increase the probability of reviewing.

6. Clarify the product content

How to make customers better understand the goods?Taobao also stipulates this, which clearly summarizes the content of the product in terms of pictures and descriptions.Only in this way can we better meet the needs of customers and avoid the embarrassing situation of failure.

7. Comply with relevant regulations for protecting young people

The relevant provisions of Taobao related to the protection of adolescents must abide by the corresponding regulations when selling sexy underwear to protect the mental health of young people.Observing the regulations can also increase the opportunity to pass the audit.

8. Make sure the picture is clear

In the end, Taobao’s requirements for the quality of the picture are also very high. In order to ensure that the pictures of sexy underwear will not be blurred and dull, please choose to shoot perspectives and backgrounds to ensure the definition of the picture.

9. Conclusion

All in all, Taobao buying sexy underwear picture review is a very important issue. Various reasons such as (SEO) optimization need to avoid the inconsistent review.To successfully pass the Taobao audit, please carefully abide by various review requirements and improve your own quality and quality level. In this way, pictures that meet the review specifications can be approved by Taobao, allowing your products to appear in front of everyone.

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