Silk skating silk sex underwear pictures

Silk skating silk sex underwear pictures


In today’s society, more and more women choose to buy sexy underwear not only to add interest and adjust their figure, but also reflect their sexy and charm.As one of the silk skating silk sexy underwear, it is loved by women.So, what is silk skating and silk sex underwear?What is its characteristic?Let’s answer them one by one.

What is silk skating silk sexy underwear

Silk skating silk sexy underwear is made from natural silk and high -tech fiber. The technology is advanced, with soft texture, and the feel is smooth, showing an elegant and noble texture.Moreover, this underwear sticker is very comfortable, and it is also a concentrated manifestation of sexy atmosphere. Natural lines, luster fabrics, and giving women a romantic and mysterious feeling.

Features of silk skating silk sex lingerie

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1. Gloss: The material of the silk skating silk sex lingerie usually uses the technology of natural silk and high -tech fibers. The plane is more glossy. After putting it on, it looks more shiny, so that you have a noble and mysterious.Feel.

2. Comfort: The underwear sticker is very comfortable. It uses soft texture materials to achieve the ultimate in terms of comfort and give you a comfortable feeling.

3. Sexy sense: The sexy of this underwear comes from the fabric, which combines the characteristics of transparent, glory, color, and three -dimensional sense, showing a sexy atmosphere and curve.

Suitable crowd

1. Like sexy women: Silk skating silk sexy underwear is very sexy, which is very suitable for sexy women.Moreover, the color is very rich, which can make your underwear style more diverse.

2. Women who are distressed: The underwear has not only designs such as clavicle deep V, but also adding tight design on the waist and abdomen, which helps to shape and modify the form of women.

Purchase precautions

1. Size and size: It is very important to choose the right underwear size.If the size is too small, it will be uncomfortable. If the size is too large, the shaping effect cannot be achieved.

2. Color selection: Silk skating silk sexy underwear is very colorful. Choose is not easy to be blind, matching and matching different clothing styles as much as possible.


Way of matching

Silk skating and silk sex underwear can not only be used inside, but also wear outside. This way of wear is more gentle.If you want to fully show your sexy temperament and put it on the outside of tulle clothing, this will allow you to expose a little sexy skin and interpret the better sexy and charm.


1. Laundry method: It is recommended to wash it with cold water.Do not use bleach or detergent with bleaching agent.Do not put the silk skid underwear in the dryer.

2. How to wear: Wearing silk skating silk sexy underwear should be taken to avoid rubbing with rough substances.It is best not to wear it for a long time to avoid losing its shape and role.

Silk skating silk sex underwear tips

1. Do not dry after cleaning: The elastic material on the underwear is easily destroyed by ultraviolet rays, so it is best not to expose the silk skating and silk sex underwear in the sun.

2. Keep dry: Underwear is easy to pollute, and the non -drying environment will promote bacterial reproduction, so it is necessary to keep dry.

in conclusion

Silk skating silk sexy underwear not only has the characteristics of softness, comfort and sexy, but also can also satisfy women’s ambitions and values.Whether it is size, color, matching and maintenance, you need to pay attention to it. Under the correct method of use, you can show your beauty and charm.