Person high -fun underwear selection

Person high -fun underwear selection

Person high -fun underwear selection

Regardless of height and shortness, every woman should have a sexy sexy underwear.However, for women with high children, choosing sexy underwear may be slightly tricky.Because of different heights, many ordinary sexy underwear may be uncoordinated to wear.To solve this problem, the following will introduce you to how to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for height.

1. Size the most important

Size is the most important factor when choosing sexy underwear.If your height is higher than the average height, then the size selection may be more confusing, and even if there is a messy underwear with a corresponding size, it may also destroy the visual experience due to height problems.Therefore, you should choose the sexy underwear that can choose the two sizes of the upper and lower sizes, so that you can fit your body more, neither too loose nor too tight.

2. Fuck sexy underwear is the first choice

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For women with high children, the advantages of front -buckle sexy underwear are obvious.Women can easily hold sex underwear from the front, and it is easy to wear and take off.Not only does it save the back phenomenon and related activities, but it will not have an embarrassing feeling to lift the arm.In addition, another advantage of choosing this sexy underwear is that the previous design is often more exquisite, more suitable for putting on to enjoy love time.

3. Soft material sexy jacket

If you choose the sexy underwear of the hard fabric, it is likely to feel a lot of pressure on your body.With the excessive body, feelings will not be more comfortable.Therefore, choosing a soft sexy underwear is a better way.This underwear is more comfortable, it does not put pressure on the body, and it can also guarantee the sexy index.

4. Avoid choosing thick underwear cup sexy underwear

If you want to have a sexy appearance, it is best to avoid choosing a thick underwear in sex lingerie.Thicked underwear cups can give the breast a more obvious appearance, but for women with tall people, this effect is not very good.The charm of tall women’s body is enough. More often, the sexy underwear with thin underwear cups can show the beautiful lines of the body.

5. Avoid choosing lace excessive design

The appropriate use of lace can make the sexy underwear look more sexy, but if it is too used, other problems will emerge.For women with tall figures, excessive lace decorations can make people feel too complicated.In addition, if the lace texture is not good, the sexy underwear will look ugly.

6. Details to handle exquisite sexy underwear

Exquisite details are the key to choosing sexy underwear.If the sexy underwear has enough fine details, you can choose some simpler styles.If you like fancy patterns, and cheap designers to achieve good details of sexy underwear are often ignored, small creativity can make it more sexy.

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7. Choose the right color

Choosing the right color is very important for tall women.Here are two indispensable suggestions.First of all, tall women should consider choosing a warm -colored sexy underwear, such as red, pink, orange and so on.Because these colors can well set off the advantages of the figure.Therefore, cold colors such as black and white and gray are avoided.Secondly, don’t choose too fancy colors, it will look very uncomfortable.

8. Don’t forget to choose the right bottomed

When choosing a sexy underwear, the correct bottoming is also very important.There are many erotic underwear designs for you to choose a matching bottom, but if you want to match it yourself, it is recommended to choose low -waist pants.If the size of the pants can match the size of the sexy underwear, it looks better.Note, try not to choose a lower dress with a flower type or jewelry.

9. With suitable shoes

Interest underwear with suitable shoes is one of the important factors on showing beautiful lines.Tall ladies should not only choose the right sexy underwear, but also consider how to match shoes.It is recommended to choose a pair of high heels, which will further highlight the noble, elegant and sexy of the body.

10. In the end, the important thing is how to wear sexy underwear comfortably

Finally, no matter what style of underwear you choose, you should also ensure its comfort while choosing.Interesting underwear is to make women feel self -confident and sexy, put on it to enjoy time instead of shrinking.The important thing is to maintain self -confidence and comfort, regardless of the eyes of others.If a sexy underwear makes you feel uncomfortable, then you may better not buy it.

in conclusion

Although these are some basic and common sense matters, they are all directions that should be focused on when choosing a high -sex lingerie.While maintaining a sense of body balance and comfort, you can also fully express your sexy and beauty.