She is wearing seductive sexy underwear

She is wearing seductive sexy underwear

She is wearing seductive sexy underwear

She was wearing seductive erotic underwear, and her sexy curve was revealed.But do you really understand love underwear? In this article, we will deeply explore the erotic underwear -how to choose, and how to wear it.

Choice style

From bra to underwear to a set of sexy underwear, there are various styles on the market.To choose a suitable style, you need to understand your physical form and preference.


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The bra is divided into shoulder straps, triangular types, full cups, half cups and other styles.If your chest is small, you can choose a bray or full cup bra. If the chest is full, it is recommended to choose a half cup or full cup to better support the chest.


Underwear styles are mainly divided into thongs, low waist pants, T pants and three -point formula.It is recommended to choose a style that suits your comfort and preferences, and the size of the underwear needs to be selected according to your body.

Material selection

The material of sexy underwear is very important, not only to consider comfort, but also consider whether it is irritating.Generally, the material of sexy underwear is silk, lace, grid cloth, etc.If you are more sensitive to the material, you can choose the sexy underwear of silk or cotton materials.If you like irritating styles, you can choose a grid cloth or transparent material.

Selection of color

The color of sexy underwear is usually dull, such as black, red, etc.When choosing the color, you need to consider your skin tone and dress occasions.Dark sexy underwear can be used for formal occasions such as dinner, and light -colored sexy underwear is suitable for usual wear.

Wearing skills

It takes some skills to wear sexy underwear, otherwise it may make your sexy charm greatly discount.



The order of wearing sexy underwear is generally wearing underwear first, then a bra, and finally wearing a coat.This can better highlight the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Adjust the belt

When wearing underwear, you need to adjust your belt to your own size, otherwise it will look very uncomfortable.After adjustment, you need to tighten your belt to a suitable position.

Choose a suitable size

The size of sexy underwear is usually smaller than ordinary underwear.If wearing is not appropriate, it is easy to make your beautiful form completely lose.Therefore, be sure to choose the right size.

Sexy charm

The biggest charm of sexy underwear is sexy, but be careful not to tease each other.If you are wearing fun underwear, just to stimulate each other, then such behavior is still a bit immoral.We hope to express our sexy and beauty by wearing sexy underwear, rather than making people feel that we are very frivolous.


Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. Its styles, materials, and colors need to be selected according to their needs.Wearing sexy underwear requires some skills, especially to pay attention to the moderate display of sexy charm.The ultimate goal is to show our beautiful form and sexy charm, not to excessively tease the desire of others.