Instence underwear nails

Instence underwear nails

Instead of sexy underwear nails: adding sexy and fun details

Interesting underwear is known for its sexy and tempting style and material, but in order to add more fun and details, many brands have begun to add various decorations to underwear. Among them, nails are a very popular design element.Let ’s take a look at the charm of sexy underwear nails and sexy lingerie styles suitable for nail design.

1. Types of sexy underwear nails

There are many types of sexy underwear nails. Common ones are knob nails, diamond nails, sharp nails, pyramid nails, long nails, speaker flowers, flat head nails, etc.Each nail has its unique shape and use method, which can be freely selected according to demand.

Second, the material of the nail

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There are also many materials for sexy underwear nails, with common metals, plastics, crystals, etc.Metal nails are rich in color and strong texture. The color of plastic nails is varied, light and light, and it is not easy to scratch the skin. The crystal nails are noble and exquisite and transparent.

Third, the location of the nail

The location of the sexy underwear nails is also very important, and nails in different positions can bring different effects.Commonly used positions include nipples, bra cups, hem, navel, buttocks, etc.The specific location can be selected according to needs and personal preferences.

Fourth, the role of nail design

Nail design makes sexy underwear more sexy and tempting, which adds fun and details.In addition, the texture and color of the nails can make the entire underwear look more noble and beautiful.

Fifth, the sexy lingerie style suitable for nail design

There are many sexy underwear styles designed with nails. The more common ones are diamond bra, three -point nail lace, diamond hammer short clothes, diamond -shaped nail hollow bellyband, pyramid nail straps, etc.Different styles can bring different effects, and can be selected according to their needs and preferences.

Six, nail design application skills

Pay attention to the skills when using nail design. On the one hand, the quality and material of the nail must be guaranteed, and on the other hand, the position and quantity of the nails must be considered, and the combination with other decorations.When using nails, you need to choose according to the texture and strength of the fabric.


Seven, sexy underwear nail maintenance

When maintaining sexy underwear, pay special attention to the maintenance of the nails.Nails are easy to scrape underwear, skin and other items, so you should pay attention to avoid using too rough brush and bleaching agent when cleaning, and also need to avoid mixing with other items.

8. Customized sexy underwear nail service

If you want more personalized sexy underwear nail design, you can consider choosing custom services provided by the brand.This can make underwear more in line with your own needs and preferences, and at the same time to ensure the quality and texture of the underwear.


When choosing a sexy underwear nail design, on the one hand, you must consider your needs and preferences, and on the other hand, you must also pay attention to the location and number of nails, not too exaggerated.In addition, pay special attention to the maintenance of nails when maintaining sexy underwear to avoid damage.