Sexy underwear glass

Sexy underwear glass

Sexy underwear glass

Interesting underwear glass is a sexy, transparent material, which is widely used in the production of various sexy lingerie.This material is as transparent as glass and very soft. It is very highly fitted with the human skin, which can greatly improve the sexy lingerie.

1. Glass fiber

Different from ordinary glass, sexy underwear glass is made of soft glass fiber.This material not only has a transparent and smooth texture, it is also very light and easy to break.

2. Different styles

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Interesting underwear glass is usually used to make a variety of styles such as bra, bottom pants, and clothes.These styles have one thing in common: they are all sexy and transparent designs, which are suitable for special occasions, such as dating, party or emotional sex scenes.

3. Transparent and completely transparent

Interesting underwear glass usually has two different transparency design: one is translucent, that is, the material is slightly blurred, it will not be completely exposed, and it is more suitable for retaining some mystery; the other is completely transparentFree sexy.

4. Details

The details of sexy lingerie glass design are important.Designers usually add elements such as ivory buckle, silk ribbon, ribbon, etc. to the clothes to improve the appearance and texture of the clothing.These small details can make the clothing look better and tasteless without too much extra changes.

5. Tight and loose body

There are many options for the size of sexy underwear glass. Tight -fitting sexy underwear glass will close to the body and greatly improve sexuality.The design of the loose body will make the wearer more comfortable, and can better show the beauty of the body.

6. Selection of accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear glass are also very important.Designers usually choose black, red, silver and other accessories. These colors will be very conspicuous and help the wearer’s sexy degree more.At the same time, the texture of the jewelry should also be consistent with the nature of the glass to show the overall feeling of the underwear.


7. Pay attention to

Although the material of sexy underwear glass is soft, fit, and highly transparent, it should be noted that its plasticity is relatively low, and it cannot be excessively strong or placed in a high temperature.In addition, while showing the personality of the personality, we must also ensure our physical security while showing the personality and improve the mystery.

8. Gender has nothing to do with

Although sexy underwear glass is considered a female underwear, it is actually not limited by gender.Men can also experience the passion of transparent and sexy underwear.There are also sexy underwear glass for men on the market, suitable for wearing on sex.

9. Different thickness

The sexy lingerie glass has different thickness, which also directly affects its texture and transparency.Usually, thicker glass will be more solid and can better protect our privacy and health.

10. Quality Impact

The quality of sexy underwear glass is very important.Some low -quality erotic underwear glass may be broken, fade or pinch.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose a professional and formal underwear brand to ensure quality and safety.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear glass has become one of the most popular materials in the underwear industry with its transparency, sexy, and softness.Choosing the right style, thickness and quality can make the wearer show a more confident style on sex occasions.