How to get in sexy underwear mother -in -law at home

How to get in sexy underwear mother -in -law at home

1. Mother -in -law can also fashionable underwear

Interest underwear is not only a flirting prop between couples, but also a must -have for women’s personal fashion.Mother -in -law can also wear sexy sexy underwear at home and show them confidently.Not only can improve self -confidence, but also show your fashion taste.

2. Pajamas underwear open

During the exposure, my mother -in -law can separate pajamas and underwear to avoid confusion or embarrassing situations.At the same time, underwear can also be exposed according to different styles to prevent one underwear from covering another underwear.

3. Interior sun exposure

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If the mother -in -law is not convenient to go outdoors, she can also choose a well -ventilated and sunny place at home, such as balcony or window.At the same time, we must also pay attention to prevent excessive exposure of underwear, causing the color to fade or the texture deterioration.

4. Outdoor sun exposure

If there is conditions, my mother -in -law can go to the outdoor places to expose her underwear, such as in the courtyard or in a sunny park.This can make underwear faster and thoroughly dry.

5. Check the condition of the clothes before drying the underwear

Before my mother -in -law, her mother -in -law needs to carefully check the condition of the underwear to ensure that there are no problems such as damage, stretching, and color loss.If there is a problem, it is best to repair it first and then dry it.

6. Lingerie color classification

In terms of underwear, the underwear should also be classified to avoid dark lingerie in dark underwear, or white underwear becomes yellow due to sun exposure.Color classification of sun -lingerie can avoid these problems.

7. Underwear flipped and dry

During the drying of the underwear, the mother -in -law needs to flip the front and back of the underwear from time to time to ensure that the underwear can dry more quickly and evenly.At the same time, you can also avoid problems such as deformation and folds of underwear.

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8. Select the underwear bra to choose to expose

For bra, mother -in -law needs to choose a suitable place.It is best to hang the bra from the middle to avoid affecting the shape of the cup or deforming the skeleton.

9. Summer underwear disinfection method

In the summer, my mother -in -law needs to disinfect underwear often, and some professional disinfection agents can be used.After disinfection, the underwear can be dried under the sun, allowing the underwear to emit a faint sunlight.

10. Underwear material distinguishing method

The material and type of underwear are different, and the exposure method should be different.For example, silk products should avoid excessive sunlight, and cotton or fiber products can be exposed in an appropriate amount.

In summary, it is not a difficulty to expose sexy underwear. The key is to pay attention to details, classify the sun, turn over the sun, and dry the door.After drying the underwear, it should be retracted in time and keeps the ventilation and ventilation of the underward. This can not only protect the underwear, but also allow the mother -in -law to have a better dress experience.