Instead of Lover, Ye Xi


Yiguo’s sexy underwear beauty Ye Xi is a model with a sexy curve and daring to try different styles.The sexy underwear she is wearing is very attractive whether it is color and style.In this article, we will introduce some of the sexy lingerie types worn by Ye Xi.

Perspective underwear

Permanent underwear is a kind of sexy charm, which combines the elements of transparency and lace.Ye Xi wearing this sexy underwear can show the body curve vividly.At the same time, perspective underwear also has a certain sense of mystery, making people want to explore.

Lace underwear

The lace underwear worn by Ye Xi highlights her feminine charm.Lace is an elegant lace material, which is very suitable for making sexy underwear.Lace falls on the skin, the soft touch helps to increase the sexy atmosphere.


Lace pajamas occupy the position that cannot be ignored in the sexy underwear market.The lace used in this pajamas is very thick, soft and delicate.It can not only show the weak side of women, but also highlight the strong side of women.

Lace panties

In addition to lace underwear, lace panties are also Ye Xi’s favorite.Lace underwear outlines the perfect hip curve, so that people can see the sexy and perfection of women at a glance.For those who like to cut charming walking ways, lace panties are a perfect choice.


Tied up is a special bundle, which makes the body change and makes people more sensitive and excited.Ye Xi dares to wear a beam, which can not only show his sexy, but also show a unique beauty.


Through pants are a very sexy underwear that can perfectly show women’s hip curves.The thong wearing the thongs worn by Ye Xi even highlights her sexy, making her look more attractive.


Conjusational underwear is a very popular sexy lingerie style, usually made of lace materials, which is very comfortable, sexy and stylish.This underwear not only shows the curve of women, but also a self -confident woman.


The leather is a unusual sexy lingerie style, which is known for its unique appearance.This kind of sexy underwear is made of leather. It looks very sexy and strong, suitable for women who want to show their strong heart.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear worn by Ye Xi is full of creativity and imagination, and they all have a different customization.Note that almost every style is made of lace materials, because lace can integrate women’s sexy and weakness.Whether it is seeing underwear, lace underwear, pajamas, thongs, etc., it can make women more confident and sexy.

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