Taobao sex underwear strange evaluation

Background introduction

With the continuous development of e -commerce, more and more people have begun to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.In the comments of these products, we can see various strange evaluations.This article will introduce you to several surprising erotic underwear evaluations.

Word difference

A customer purchased a set of sexy underwear on Taobao, who originally wanted to speak, and finally wrote: "The quality is very good, it makes me feel very exciting.""But because of the difference in words," comfort "became" stimulus ", causing the laughter of other customers.


Another customer spent dozens of dollars to buy a set of sexy lingerie, leaving such a message in the comments: "The logistics is okay, but the underwear is a bit small, not very suitable … AnywayComplaints constantly. But the most speechless thing is that only 2 points were scored at the scoring, but the merchant refunded it to her … Imagine the seller’s mood.

Black Diary

一位女大学生在淘宝上购买了一套蕾丝情趣内衣,不仅在评论中上传了试穿效果照片,还附赠了一篇晒黑日记,表示在她晒黑之后穿上内衣,非常自信,大Like the sexy charm of this underwear.

Vertical geometry

Another customer left such a message after receiving the underwear: "Line geometry, a bit ruined, but this price is very cheap, it is still very cost -effective." Laid this customer really put the fun of the interests.Underwear is sold as cheap cargo stalls.

Color is too ugly

Another commentator bought a set of lace underwear, but because she thought the color was too ugly, the evaluation was very bad.But in fact, her color choice is light green, which is a very popular tone, and the sales on Taobao are also very high. Many businesses are listed as one of the classics.

Taobao superstition therapy

A lady suddenly felt uncomfortable with her stomach after receiving the short skirt suite she purchased, so she shared her healing method in the comments.I. Give you a trick ‘Taobao superstition therapy’ ".We don’t know if this approach can really play a therapeutic role, but such comments really make people laugh.

What does baby or bald need?

There is a underwear shop, which focuses on a brand of sexy underwear. Their slogan is "suitable for baby or baldness", which sounds funny, but this shop has received a lot of positive evaluation because their underwear is really trueIt is very comfortable, and some elderly people and dry skin can benefit.

Beauty is justice

A commentator is very grateful to the merchant for sending her a free sexy underwear. Although the size is not very suitable, she is glad to accept it because it is indeed a "beauty like heaven, more beautiful than the goddess", andIt feels very comfortable to wear.

True shame

After receiving the sexy underwear, there is a gap between the size and size, and the comments leave a message. "I suspect that the waiter of the restaurant has sent the wrong goods, which makes me very embarrassing.The customer torn it off, and then sold it to me again! "I really don’t know if such an evaluation is speechless.


In general, when buying sexy underwear on Taobao, we cannot just look at the price and appearance, but we should also read the evaluation of other customers carefully to avoid some inexplicable troubles.At the same time, we should also have some openness of the aesthetic concepts, especially the choice of colors and styles, and we should maintain a tolerance and open attitude.

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