Sexy underwear open crotch pants really display

Sexy underwear open crotch pants really display

Types of sex underwear

Interest underwear can be divided into many types, one of which is impressive, that is, open crotch pants.There are many different ways of design of open crotch pants to meet the needs of different women.

Type of open crotch

Some women believe that there is only one type of open crotch pants.In fact, they have several types.One of them is only a small part of the crotch, which is suitable for women who want to expose some skin.

Another type is the open crotch carrying a thin chain.This design makes pants more calm and calm, and women can wear it under comfort.

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The sexy level of open crotch pants varies from design.Some design covering parts are not very sexy, while others are designed to be more bold, highlighting the sexy charm of women.

However, it should be noted that sexy is not equal to general applicability.Many people may like to challenge sexy, but when you walk on the street wearing underwear, you may suffer unnecessary exposure.

Suitable occasion

Because their design is very special, open crotch pants are not suitable for all occasions.If you participate in a regular party or business party, it may not be suitable for wearing open crotch pants.However, if you want to spend a romantic night with your spouse, then open crotch pants are very suitable.

Suitable body

Although the open crotch pants are very irritating and sexy, to wear it well, the woman’s figure must have certain requirements.Women need a flat abdomen and hips, and pay attention to the fabrics of the crotch parts of the crotch pants. If it is too tight, it will show some inappropriate parts.

Rich color and style

There are many colors and styles to choose from open crotch pants, and those who choose to be suitable for you need to move.Black and red are the most common colors, and they also increase the degree of sexy.If you want to use pantyhose and high heels, you can choose a transparent or translucent style.


In addition, some open crotch pants are stitched from different colors of fabrics. Such pants can bring more choices.

Method of dressing

Different types of open crotch pants are different, but basically they need to take off their lower underwear to put on.When buying, it is best to choose comfortable fabric underwear to ensure comfortable wear.


The maintenance method of open crotch pants is the same as ordinary underwear. It is necessary to wash and dry it by hand. You cannot use washing machines to clean or dry at high temperature.

For colorful open crotch pants, it is best to use a dedicated laundry powder to avoid falling.In addition, dark and light open crotch pants should be washed separately to avoid dyeing problems.

The price of open crotch pants

The price of open crotch pants varies from brand, fabric and design.Some ordinary brands of open crotch pants may only cost tens of yuan, and the brand’s high -end open crotch pants may require more than hundreds of yuan.

Good brands usually have high prices, but the corresponding quality and comfort are also higher, so you should consider it carefully when selecting.


Open crotch pants are a very special type of sexy underwear. It is designed as part of the body of women and is more challenging than other underwear.However, when wearing open crotch pants, women should also pay attention to the occasion, figure and personal preferences to ensure safety, comfort and sexy.