Sending underwear shop names are more prosperous

Sending underwear shop names are more prosperous

Guizi: The importance of the name of the name of the sex underwear store

As a relatively private consumer product, sexy underwear is better in developing the status quo in the domestic market, and it is also very important to take a good name in the market.A good name can not only attract the attention of potential customers, but also convey the brand’s concept, and establish a brand image.Therefore, it is not necessary to ignore the name of the sexy underwear store.

Part 1: Simple catching people

A short, memorable and attractive name can help the store stand out in the market.For example, "La Senza" (European and American sexy underwear brand), this name can be described as simple and powerful, directly conveying the charm and beauty of sexy underwear.Name can start with the brand philosophy and find appropriate words to express.

Part 2: Matching it with the products sold

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The name of the sexy lingerie store should be compatible with the products sold, and customers should be able to expected the characteristics of the product according to the name or logo.For example, named "LACE & Leather" (lace and leather) can let customers know that this shop may be sold with sexy and changeable products.

The third part: reflect the brand concept

The name of the sexy underwear store should also reflect the brand concept.If the brand philosophy is to respect natural and health, you can choose the name of "Goddess" (goddess); or if you want to create a brand with a sense of science and technology and forward -looking, you can use the name "Future Fantasy".

Part 4: Highlights highlights

The name of the sex underwear shop can highlight the highlights of the store.For example, if the store is known for exquisite hand -made sexy underwear, it can be used as the name "Crafted Lingerie" (handmade underwear).Such a name can reflect the exquisite and high -end of the goods.

Part 5: Make full use of language characteristics

In the name of sexy underwear shops, the characteristics of language should be made full.For example, if you want to express a certain mysterious and challenging atmosphere, you can use Latin named, such as "Cava Amorem".

Part 6: Don’t be too vulgar

Interest underwear should have certain ideology and elegance, and it should be avoided when naming.The indecent and vulgar language should not be used to name the shop.

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Part 7: In line with positioning

The sex underwear store also needs to be divided into the customer group when positioning, so the store name must also be consistent with the group to avoid the names that are not in line with group preferences.

Part 8: Yinyunmei

The beauty of the store’s name affects consumers’ impression of the brand.Therefore, pay attention to whether the sound rhyme is beautiful when naming, and it is not difficult to pronounce.For example, the name "KISS Me Quick" is very loud, making people want to kiss it.

Conclusion: The name of the store name should pay attention to standardization

The name of the sex lingerie store can express the brand’s characteristics, enhance the brand’s impression of consumers, and establish a brand image.In the process of naming store names, we must not only pay attention to the transmission of ideas and the positioning of the brand, but also pay attention to complying with relevant laws and regulations and justice.