Yue Interesting Underwear Novels

1. Encounter

Xu Xiangyu is a shop owner of a sexy underwear shop. The monthly sales in the store can actually reach an amazing 200,000, which has to be amazed by her business talent.One day, a young man from other cities broke into her shop, and he bought a set of pricey sexy underwear.

2. Chase

The young man named Li Zhi, who captured the ignorant heart in front of Xu Xiangyu’s cleverness and beauty.Xu Xiangyu also had a good opinion of him, and the relationship between the two began to ferment.

3. Play

Xu Xiangyu knows the knowledge of sexy underwear. She often uses this underwear to flirt, making Li Zhixin itchy.Xu Xiangyu also enjoys this kind of flirting process.Li Zhi found that he was difficult to hold.

4. Passion

The relationship between the two is almost reaching the point where they cannot extricate themselves. They often flirt through erotic underwear, bringing more passion to each other.In a climax experience, Xu Xiangyu and Li Zhichen were completely caught in a crazy world.

5. Separation

Both sides have their own lives, but the feelings between them are getting worse and worse.Li Zhi believes that Xu Xiangyu is just playing with his feelings, while Xu Xiangyu believes that Li Zhitai is selfish.Eventually they broke up.

6. Regret

After breaking up, Xu Xiangyu realized that his relationship with Li Zhi was real.She realized that she hurt Li Zhi’s heart and began to regret what she did.She tried to restore Li Zhi, but eventually futile.

7. Later

Xu Xiangyu finally let go of his past feelings, and there is no more connection between them.She is still running a sexy underwear shop, but she is no longer as active and enthusiastic as before.She silently faced her own shop, occasionally making the design of a sexy underwear, secretly muttering whether the clothes he made for enough clothes would make the next person happier.

8. Viewpoint

Sex underwear has a certain effect on the regulation of sexual life and emotional relationship, and it can bring more passion and intimacy under correct use.However, sexy underwear is not universal, and the complexity of emotion is unable to master it. We should choose to use it carefully to avoid unnecessary harm to ourselves and others.

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