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The experience of Yingfei in a sexy underwear shop

Members of the British royal family have always been the focus of media and public attention, especially Princess Kate and Princess Meghan.Recently, there are reports that the news of Princess Kate’s shopping in a sexy underwear shop has caused a stir.

Sexy underwear is a fashion trend

Interest underwear is not only sexy, but also a fashion trend.Modern women pay more and more attention to their quality of life and sexy charm, so sexy underwear has gradually become a popular shopping choice for women.

There are many types of sexy underwear

In the sexy underwear shop, Princess Kate can choose a variety of sexy underwear, such as sexy bras, lace panties, bellybands, pantyhose, etc.Different styles, colors, and texture sexy underwear can meet the needs and preferences of different women.

Interest underwear is not only interesting

Interest underwear is not only interesting, but also an art and creativity.Many erotic underwear contain the unique imagination and creativity of the designer.After wearing these underwear, women can feel their beauty and sexy.

The material of sexy underwear is very particular

The material of sexy underwear is very important for the comfort and health of the wearer.Settles, silk, lace, matte and other fabrics can achieve different effects.Choosing the right material allows women to maintain a good health while wearing sexy underwear.

Falling underwear size is important

Size is the easiest problem to be ignored during the purchase of sex underwear.There may be some differences in different brands of underwear size.Women should be tailor -made before purchasing to avoid discomfort and unsightly in unwelling size.

The color of sexy underwear is very particular

The color of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors that women should consider when buying.Different colors can show different personalities and temperament of women.Black, red, white, pink and other colors have different connotations and symbolic meanings.

Suggestions for buying underwear buying

If you want to buy the right style when buying a sexy underwear, women can learn more about the differences between different brands, different materials, different sizes and different colors.In addition, you can also seek advice and help from underwear professionals.


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern women’s lives. It can not only enhance women’s confidence and charm, but also allow women to get more happiness and satisfaction in sex.It is hoped that women can be careful, serious and rational when buying sexy underwear, and choose the style and material that suits them.

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