Xiao Shou’s sexy underwear display video


As a special underwear, sexy underwear often can often increase the fun and fun between couples, and become a must -have for couples to play.For this group, this article will introduce several sexy underwear suitable for small suits to show their details and characteristics.

Falling underwear 1: lace T -pants pants

Lace T -shaped pants use high -quality silk and lace fabrics. The texture is soft and the home is very comfortable.The T -shaped T -shaped is designed on the front of the pants, which can expose the body part to increase the sexy atmosphere.The open design of the rear can make your hips more seductive and charming.I believe that wearing it will definitely make your partner crazy for you.

Falling underwear 2: lace suspender skirt

Lace is one of the representatives of sexy underwear, and this lace camisole skirt fully shows the beauty of lace.It consists of a camisole and a short skirt, using a soft material, which is close and breathable.The short skirt is designed with a dead corner arc, which visually increases the curve beauty, making you look more attractive.The lace lace on the hem of the skirt can play a role in modifying the legs of the legs.

Sexy underwear 3: Jewelry

This jacket has more sexy elements in design.The part of it is made of lace material, so that the skin can reveal a little sexy.The strap design on the back can not only make the upper body more fit, but also adjust the size, and more meet the needs of different figures.This jacket is suitable for small and small -sized small people, making you look more attractive.

Sexy underwear 4: maid costume

The maid dress is a more classic one in the sexy underwear, and its design seems to bring people back to the classic European court.The overall design of the collar, cuffs, hem, and skirts of the maid dress is very exquisite. Immersed in such an atmosphere, it can increase interest and fun.And because it is presented in the form of being served, putting it on it can effectively achieve the effect of role -playing and increase the intimacy between couples.

Sex underwear 5: Japanese kimono

Kimono, as a traditional Japanese clothing, focuses on showing women’s softness and beauty.And this Japanese kimono blends sex elements, giving a sexy and charming feeling.The use of kimonos is very convenient. It uses a loose band design. After putting it on, you can easily extend your arm out to increase the comfort of wearing.

Interesting underwear 6: hollow underwear

Hollow underwear is one of the representatives of sexy underwear.It uses extremely transparent materials to expose the body part, almost no place to cover anywhere.Its design process is very fine, and it can even be directly buckled on the chin to create a sexy atmosphere.The hollow panties are suitable for small and small signs of the trunk. Put it on it, and the sexy index is killed in seconds.

Sexy underwear 7: Perspective pajamas

Permanent pajamas are relatively low in transparency, but their details and texture are very outstanding.The pajamas are composed of soft short plush jackets and tough silk pants.It is special in that the back of the bow is designed to make your figure more beautiful.If you want to play with sexy underwear in bed, this one is a very good choice.

Falling underwear 8: Net socks

As a relatively basic type of sexy underwear, net socks are often used by couples to increase sexy atmosphere.Its material is tough and highlights the beauty of the leg lines.This sexy underwear is relatively cheap, and it can be paired with many other underwear, which is very practical.

Sexy underwear 9: Skin -made restraint clothing

Compared with other erotic underwear, this leather restraint is more focused on restraint and restraint.It uses high -quality cowhide materials to effectively prevent skin from being harmed.It uses a fixed zone that is not available in ordinary binding clothes, which can lock the body position more accurately.Moreover, the design of this restraint clothing is very humane, which can easily adjust the size and allow you to have a more intimate experience in the process of using.

Falling Underwear 10: Ryo Stockings

The details of the lace stockings are very good, making people wearing it more sexy and charming.It uses soft high -quality silk materials and lace fabrics, which can fit the leg curve well.Not only that, its width and tightness are very comfortable, and the legs will not feel uncomfortable.Lei Bioshuo is suitable for all body shapes, and is a representative of the beauty and practicality of sexy underwear.


Sexy underwear can bring a richer and happy sexual life experience to couples, and Xiao Su is wearing sexy underwear, which can increase self -confidence and enhance self -charm, but also meet the partner’s inner needs.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the style and size that suits you to make you more comfortable and comfortable and enjoy the perfect sex experience.

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