Xi’an sexy underwear wholesale address

The significance of Xi’an sexy underwear wholesale

Sexy underwear is an indispensable part of people’s lives, and the wholesale of sex underwear is an important means for merchants to obtain profits.So in Xi’an, what are the wholesale addresses in the sexy underwear?This is a very meaningful issue for merchants who want to wholesale sexy underwear.

Recommended by Xi’an sexy underwear wholesale address

In Xi’an, in major business districts and markets, large and small sexy underwear wholesale shops are dazzling.Here I recommend a few wholesale addresses worth trying to try.

1. Yanta Road New Century Sexy Lingerie Market

The market is located on Yanta Road. It is huge, rich in types, and affordable prices. It is one of the important places for the wholesale of sexy underwear in Xi’an.Here, merchants can choose the styles and materials of all kinds of sexy underwear, and the trading atmosphere of the entire market is also very active.

Second, Anyuan Lu Siyuan sexy underwear wholesale market

This is a wholesale -based sexy underwear market. The price is higher than the new century market, but the style and quality are more refined.Merchants can choose unique sexy underwear here to create their own specialty products.

Third, Taihua Road Quota Underwear Wholesale Center

The sexy underwear wholesale center located in Taihua Road is a good place for businesses to find low -cost and high -quality sexy underwear.Because the price here is more seductive compared to other markets.Merchants can purchase a lot here to obtain higher profit margins.

Fourth, Weiyang District Expo City Sex Underwear Wholesale Store

There are many sexy underwear wholesale stores in the Expo City of Weiyang District, and merchants can choose different stores according to their needs.There are also some brand sexy underwear shops. Merchants can get more quality of sexy underwear through cooperation with these stores.

5. Shaanxi Medical College Sexy Underwear Wholesale Store

The sexy underwear wholesale store of Shaanxi Medical College is a niche but powerful shop.Although the location is not very convenient, the quality and style of the sexy underwear in the store are very special, which is very suitable for businesses with distinctive needs.

6. Fairy underwear wholesale market in Qujiang New District, Xi’an

Qujiang New District is a place with a young and technological atmosphere, and the sexy underwear wholesale market is also the characteristics of young and fashionable.Merchants can feel an avant -garde atmosphere here, inject more trendy elements into their own stores.


There are also interesting underwear wholesale areas in the Xinglong Commercial City in the urban area.Although the scale is not very large, merchants can dig some good sexy underwear resources here.And there are various types of shops in the commercial city, and merchants can purchase one stop.

8. Other sexy underwear wholesale shops

In addition to the above -mentioned sexy underwear wholesale stores, there are many other shops in Xi’an.Merchants can learn more about the information of the wholesale stores of sexy underwear through various channels to find resources suitable for their own store needs.


Xi’an is an ancient city with a long history, and various cultural blend here.The sexy underwear wholesale market is also continuously developing in this cultural exchanges.Although competition is fierce, merchants have more choices and more opportunities for development.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear wholesale address suitable for your own shop is a very important thing for merchants.

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