Women’s transparent erotic sheets

Women’s transparent erotic sheets

Women’s underwear is one of the essential clothes in women’s daily life, and sexy underwear is one of the special underwear.There are many types of sexy underwear. Among them, transparent sexy underwear is the first choice for many women. Next, we will comprehensively analyze transparent sexy underwear from the aspects of materials, styles, and wearing methods.


1. Silk: The transparent erotic underwear of the silk fabric is very sexy, with smooth, soft, comfortable touch, especially suitable for summer wear.

2. Lace: The transparent erotic underwear of lace fabrics is not only transparent, but also has a very strong design sense, which can show the beauty of women.

3. Transparent yarn: The transparent erotic underwear of transparent yarn fabric is light and breathable, high degree of transparency, and high sexuality.


1. Three points: The three -point formula is a set of tempting sexy underwear. There are only three points on the underwear to cover the chest and lower body parts, which is full of sexy.

2. T -shaped pants: T -shaped pants transparent sexy underwear design is fashionable. The split can just show the hip part and perfectly show the sexy charm of women.

3. Sling skirt: The transparent erotic lingerie of the suspender skirt, the upper body is made of a strap with silk or other materials, and the lower body is made of a charming skirt with a transparent yarn, which is very charming.

Method of piercing

1. Driven: The transparent sexy underwear itself has a high degree of sexy. If you want to put other clothes on the outer, you will greatly discount the effect.Therefore, single wear is the best way to match transparent sexy underwear.

2. Match with a jacket: If you want to wear transparent sexy underwear when you go out, it is best to choose a long jacket or slim -fit jacket, so that you can maintain sexy and show temperament.

3. Match with pantyhose: If you want to have a more fit, you can choose to match meat -colored pantyhose, so that you can modify the leg shape and perfectly present the sexy of transparent sexy underwear.


1. Washing: Transparent erotic underwear is a more special underwear. You need to use a special washing method. It is best to use hand washing to select neutral detergents and pay attention to rubbing gently.

2. Drying: Transparent sexy underwear needs to avoid direct sunlight. It is best to use low temperature at low temperature or let it dry naturally.

3. Iron: The transparent sexy underwear is not recommended to use ironing. If you need to iron, you can do it by steam iron, but you should pay attention to the temperature cannot be too high.

For people

1. Newlywed couple: Transparent sexy underwear is the favorite of newlyweds and love underwear, especially in special days, which can increase sexual interest.

2. Fashion girl: Transparent erotic underwear is a stylish underwear style with high sexuality, so it is loved by fashion girls.

3. Large size women: Transparent sexy underwear also has a style suitable for large size women, which can meet their sexy needs.


Transparent erotic underwear makes women more confident and sexy. In this era, we no longer have to be limited to traditional concepts, and more actively pursue the beauty of their desired. At the same timeThey can pursue sexy and confidently.

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