Women’s sexy underwear Jingdong Mall

1. What is a female sexy underwear?

Women’s erotic underwear is a kind of underwear specifically designed for fun, sexual life and sexy.It is usually made of sexy materials and design, including lace, grid, transparent, leather, silver and other materials.Women’s erotic lingerie is usually more exposed and teasing than ordinary underwear, which aims to stimulate sexual desire and cause sexual excitement.

Second, the type of women’s sexy underwear

Women’s erotic underwear consists of many different styles and styles. The following are some common types:

Bra set: set consisting of bra, bottom pants or thong.

Lianyouna: Including conjoined vests, jumpsuits, cats and women’s clothing.

Stockings: There are many different styles and design stockings, which can be matched with bra and so on.

Role -playing clothing: including nurse, student, maid, police and other role -playing clothing.

Third, the size of women’s sex lingerie

Women’s sex lingerie size is usually different from the size of ordinary underwear.Because sexy underwear is usually used for sexy and teasing, you don’t have to worry about wearing comfort, so you do not follow the traditional underwear standards.It is recommended to select the appropriate size according to the size of the personal figure and the trial experience.

4. Suggestions for the purchase of women’s erotic lingerie

The following are the factors that should be considered when buying women’s sexy underwear:

Materials: sexy materials such as lace, grid, transparent, leather, silver, etc.

Style: bragle, even body, stockings, role -playing clothes, etc.

Size: Select the right size according to the size of the personal figure and the trial experience.

Suitable occasions: Consider the suitable occasions of underwear, such as sexy party, dating, etc.

5. Maintenance of women’s sexy underwear

Women’s erotic lingerie materials are usually more delicate than ordinary underwear, so they need to be more careful.The following is the maintenance suggestion of women’s sexy underwear:

Hand washing or using professional underwear cleaning solution.

Avoid using dryers or exposure.

Put it in a ventilated and dry place.

Avoid washing with other colors of clothes to prevent staining.

6. Women’s sexy underwear matching skills

The following is the matching skills of women’s sexy underwear:

Adding a conjoined underwear between bra and stockings is better.

With high heels or leather boots to enhance sexy.

Accessories include collar, handcuffs, leather whip, etc., which can better enhance the effect of sexy underwear.

Seven, women’s sex lingerie’s choice in Jingdong Mall

There are many different types of women’s sexy underwear on Jingdong Mall.When choosing, you can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your personal preferences, styles and occasions.It is recommended to choose brands, shops and sellers with good evaluation and reputation.

8. The price range of women’s sex lingerie

The price range of women’s sex lingerie is usually between tens of yuan and thousands of yuan.The price varies from factors such as brands, design, materials.Choose the right price according to your own needs and economic capabilities.

Nine, women’s sexy underwear applications

Women’s sexy underwear is suitable for many situations, such as:

Sexy party.

Romantic date.

Honeymoon travel.

Sexual life occasions.

10. Women’s erotic underwear viewpoints

Women’s erotic underwear is a costume that reflects the beauty, sexy and confident.In appropriate occasions and methods, wearing sexy underwear can increase women’s sexy charm and self -confidence, and enrich sexual life.

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