Why is handcuffs sexy underwear

Handcuffs: a new form of sexy underwear

Many people view sexy underwear as sexual clothes, and handcuffs are often among these clothing.Why is handcuffs a kind of sexy underwear?Let’s take a closer look at these stationery.

Can handcuffs really stimulate emotions?

The most common function of handcuffs is to impose.Wearing handcuffs on the wrist will make the muscles unable to stretch and the arms are not high. This is to bring them more tensions and expectations. I hope that this tightening experience can better raise the atmosphere of love.

Handcuffs and novelty

The most important factor in using sex underwear is novelty.In other words, these clothing needs to give people a novel, mysterious and curious feeling.Handcuffs can bring some freshness to sexual life.They are different from traditional handcuffs and are more imaginative in sexual intercourse than traditional handcuffs.

Experience regeneration

Many people choose sexy underwear because they want to turn ordinary experiences in daily life into a more pleasant experience.Handcuffs can bring a physical experience to two people, making two people closer in a state of nervousness.This experience can more prominent and strengthen the relationship between the two people.

Handcuffs and restraint

Bonding is one of the most prominent functions of handcuffs.Many couples choose to use these stationery because they want to create a emotional physical experience.After a long time of thinking, they found that this experience can be achieved by using equipment, for example, using handcuffs to bring a physical feeling.

Handcuffs and sense of control

In many sexy underwear, handcuffs are usually considered a reflection of control.People who use handcuffs control the scene and have power.This feeling makes people feel more powerful and capable.

Handcuffs and trust

Another factor related to handcuffs is trust.Two people using handcuffs believe each other, and the other party will not hurt themselves.Everyone depends on another person in this process. This dependence can build a trust of sexual relationships, so as to better advance the entire process.

Handcuffs and personal hobbies

In the use of sexy underwear, it is important to make yourself feel comfortable.For people, they need to find some of their favorite; some sexy underwear that is in line with their hobbies is as natural as choosing a daily underwear.

Handcuffs and self -claims

Another reason for choosing sexy underwear is to express self.Different people use different clothing to show their unique personality.Handcuffs are a manifestation of personality, which can reflect the user’s personality and taste.

Is handcuffs purely sexy underwear?

Although handcuffs and sexy underwear are often put together, this does not mean that they are not different.The original purpose of handcuffs was not designed as sexy products, but to use police or guards when they needed.But now, handcuffs have entered the field of sexy underwear design.


As a new form of sexy underwear, handcuffs have brought more novel experiences to a fun life.Use handcuffs can bring some freshness and driving force, making the relationship between the two people closer and intimate.However, the use of sexy underwear still requires a lot of effort. Everyone’s preferences and acceptance are different. Do not excessively pursue the effect of stimulus. You need to pay attention to correctly interpreting the sex life while ensuring health and safety.

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