Why doesn’t Douyin sell sexy underwear

Background and introduction

As one of the most popular short video platforms today, Douyin has become popular.However, do you know that Douyin is not allowed to sell sex underwear on its shelves?This caused many people’s questions and puzzles.

Douyin market regulations

In fact, Douyin did not clearly prohibit selling sexy underwear.On the contrary, it follows strict market regulations and prohibits the sale of products containing violence, pornography, obscene, fraud and other contents.Due to sexy underwear related to sex, it is easy to violate the moral bottom line and do not meet the requirements of the Douyin community.

Platform risk control

Nowadays, the pornographic content on the Internet is serious, and everyone is obvious to everyone.In order to protect its good image, Douyin strictly controls the release of products and services involving sex content.Although some sexy lingerie styles are unique and sexy, they must also follow the principles of compliance to avoid the risk of platform management policies.

Women’s equality problem

Because sexy underwear is related to sex, it is easy to be regarded as discrimination against women’s flesh.Such positioning may make some buyers feel uncomfortable, or it may also cause women to be treated unfairly in some cases. For example, they are required to wear special clothing to enter some places.Therefore, the platform must also take on the due social responsibility, follow the principles of femininity, and refuse to be inappropriate products and content.

Content standardization issues

In the sexy underwear market, there are many types of products and brands. Because there is no standardized standardization requirements, many sexy underwear products have many problems in the quality and manufacturing process.In order to ensure the quality and quality of the product, Douyin focuses on the content of the product and maintains high requirements for the product.

User purchase psychological problems

There are many online shopping platforms on the market. When buying sexy underwear, users usually need certain privacy and anonymity.However, Douyin’s social attributes are very strong, and the user’s account process is closely related to the social circle, so it may leak personal privacy information.This is a bad impact on consumer purchase psychology and consumer experience.

Market competition issue

In the current fiercely competitive erotic underwear market, many platforms are market penetration and user acquisition among competitors.However, because the fakes, low -quality product photos and bad services of hawkers cannot prevent hawkers, similar problems have led to users’ concerns and negative reputation.In this case, Douyin has to carefully study the listing and sales of new products.

The problem that does not match users

Many sexy underwear products in the market are exaggerated, and they have not provided first -line quality and sexy experience.If these products are sold on Douyin and found that when the user receives the real thing, it is found that it is inconsistent with expectations, which will cause users to complain and the cost of rights protection, which will adversely affect consumer satisfaction and brand image.

Business ethics issues

In the end, the Douyin community managers always remembered the creed of business ethics that would continue to develop, and believed that every business decision could withstand moral testing.As the proverb says, profits can never be the target of expectations.

my point of view

In this article, we understand why Douyin is not allowed to sell sexy underwear.Although sexy underwear is in a fierce position in the market, due to factors such as moral ethics, standardized management, user purchase experience and supply chain quality, Douyin has to solve the problem of selling sexy underwear on the platform to maintain its good reputation and reputation and reputation and reputation and reputation and reputation and reputation.User reputation.

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