Why does Tmall recommend sexy underwear


Tmall is one of the largest online shopping platforms in China. In order to meet the needs of users, Tmall began to recommend sexy underwear, which caused some controversy and attention.This article will analyze why Tmall recommends sexy underwear.

Sex underwear needs

With the gradual liberation of sexual concepts, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the quality of sexual life.Interest underwear can enhance interest and improve sexual life fun, so it is welcomed by more and more people.

Market potential

The huge potential of the sexy underwear market is not only because of consumers’ pursuit of sex for sex, but also because of the expansion of market share.At present, the size of the sex underwear market has exceeded 50 billion yuan, and it is still growing.

Promotion of Tmall sex underwear

The promotion of Tmall sex underwear is mainly achieved through social media and WeChat public accounts.This method can not only increase sales, but also attract more users to shop in Tmall.

Quantity of suppliers of sexy underwear brands

The number of suppliers of sexy underwear brands is very large, which means that there are many sexy lingerie to choose from.This is a good news for consumers because they can choose according to their tastes and needs.

Reasonable price

Buying sexy underwear in Tmall can obtain a reasonable advantage in price.This is because Tmall can get more discounts and coupons from the supplier.

High -quality erotic lingerie

Tmall’s sexy underwear comes from major brands, which means that consumers can buy high -quality sexy underwear.

Delivery fast

Tmall’s sexy lingerie is very fast.In most cases, after the consumer places an order, the sexy underwear can be delivered within 24 hours.

Actively respond to national policies

In recent years, the Chinese government has made many restrictions on sex products.Tmall actively responds to government policies, choose legal sexy underwear brands, and will not sell illegal products.

Consumer needs and choice rights

As a large e -commerce platform, Tmall provides consumers with a lot of options. When choosing and buying sexy underwear, consumers can get high -quality products and preferential prices, and at the same time they can get fast distribution services.

in conclusion

Tmall recommends sexy underwear that meets market demand.Through strict brand selection and national policies, distribution services, etc., Tmall allows consumers to buy high -quality, preferential sexy underwear, which is just a market -oriented performance.At the same time, the promotion of erotic underwear has also become a taboo for further removal of sexual topics, which is a manifestation of the progress of human society.

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