Why do you do if you wash the air conditioner when you wash the lingerie?

How to handle the washing erotic underwear?Many people may only dry the underwear indoors, but it is better to re -think it. Is there any benefit to blowing the air conditioner?

1. Why do you need to wash your sexy underwear?

First of all, it is clear that sexy underwear is not the same as ordinary underwear. There are often more details and decorations, and because of the particularity of wearing occasions, it is more likely to be attacked by various stains and bacteria.Therefore, it is very important to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of sexy underwear.

2. Treat different ways to wash

Some erotic underwear may have some special materials, such as silk and lace, you need to clean it with a more mild detergent and hand washing.And meaty underwear and body shapes need to be used to use more powerful detergents and hot water. At the same time, the tools need to be stronger to make the underwear cleaner.

3. Does excessive cleaning damage sexy underwear?

Some people are worried that frequent cleaning will cause the wear and damage of sexy underwear.But in fact, proper cleaning and maintenance can keep the sexy underwear more durable, especially in tropical regions or frequently.

4. What do I need to pay attention to?

Drying sex underwear outdoors not only requires ultraviolet rays, but also need to prevent outdoor dust and bacteria clean.In contrast, the interior drying effect is better.If it is dried indoors, try not to put underwear in a humid place, otherwise it will easily breed mold.At this time with a hair dryer, let them dry quickly.

5. Is it good for sexy underwear to be close to air conditioning or blowing air conditioners?

It is worth mentioning that the air conditioner also has a good promotion effect on the drying process of sexy underwear.It can make the air flow smoother, and stains such as moisture and water ash on the underwear will evaporate and dry more quickly. The dry erotic underwear will be more hygienic and clean, while maintaining the original properties and elasticity.Therefore, let the underwear dry the air conditioner faster and not losing its quality.

6. How long should I clean and dry?

After washing the erotic underwear, it is best to dry it immediately to avoid water stains from precipitating on the fabric, which will affect the quality of the underwear for a long time.Generally speaking, the cleaning and drying of sexy underwear takes 1-2 hours. If it is too long or too short, it will affect the dryness and quality of the sexy underwear.

7. How to avoid the loss of the quality of sex underwear and quickly damage?

In order to prevent the details of sex underwear lost quality and damage, we must first avoid rubbing with other powerful items, avoiding friction damage hardware inscriptions, inlaid items and lace.Secondly, do not roll the underwear outside (let them tow the clothes noodles instead of a skirt) to prevent the impact of stains on fabrics, damage the shape and overall quality of the underwear.

8. Can the uniform and sexual emotional facial washing machine be washed?

The most important point when cleaning sexual affection and fun underwear is to avoid using washing machines.Because under the powerful mechanical scouring, the fabric of the sexy underwear is stretched and deformed, and even dyes other colors.If you have to use a washing machine, you need to put it in a laundry mesh bag and use a low -mild and mild detergent.

9. How to store sexy underwear for use?

For storage of sexy underwear, you need to avoid stacking or confused underwear, which will increase the duplication of details and the confusion between different underwear.It is best to flatten the fun underwear, roll each part separately, and then put them in the drawer in the wardrobe.

10. The final conclusion: blowing air conditioners is beneficial to the dryness and hygiene of the sexy underwear

In summary, for the sexy underwear that has been cleaned, blowing air conditioners has a moderate drying and hygienic effect.Of course, in the process of cleaning and storage, special materials or decorations of different types of underwear are also required to avoid direct sun exposure or placed in a bacterial environment.

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