Who is the heroine who shoots sexy underwear

Who is the heroine who shoots sexy underwear

With the development of the times and the opening of sexual concepts, the costumes of sexy underwear have gradually attracted more people’s attention and love.In the promotion and publicity of these sexy underwear, the heroine of the sexy underwear naturally became the focus of people’s attention.So, who is the heroine who shoots the sexy underwear?The following is the problem to explore this article.

1. From the star to the Internet celebrity, the heroine of the sex underwear shooting

The shooting of sexy underwear is mainly concentrated on promotional pictures and advertising videos.For these shooting, female stars with a slim figure and model experience are often the first choice.For example, Zhao Wei, Yang Mi, Lin Zhiling and other well -known actresses have taken publicity photos for sexy underwear brands.With the rise of webcasts, the better figure has also become the target of sexy underwear brands.

Second, the model is the main force to shoot sexy underwear

In addition to the female stars in the entertainment industry, the models are the most widely used in the shooting of sexy underwear.Their figures are perfect, their faces are good, and their temperament is elegant.

Third, the heroines of different body types have markets

Although female stars and models are the most commonly used protagonists of sexy underwear brands, in actual sales, the heroines of different body types have a market.Like the Plus SIZE underwear brand specially uses a more full body, provide services to consumers of different body types.

Fourth, the heroines of different skin colors have a chance to appear

In order to be able to attract consumers with different skin colors during promotion, the sexy underwear brand will also choose the heroine of different skin colors to take publicity photos and advertising videos.This not only fits the actual needs of consumers, but also conveys the brand’s multicultural concept.

5. The heroine needs to conform to the brand’s style and temperament

Although female stars, models, and net reds have different temperaments and styles, in the shooting of sexy underwear, the brand will choose the right heroine based on the theme and style of propaganda.This requires the heroine to have good performance ability and diverse temperament to better interpret the core value of the brand.

6. Different erotic underwear requires different types of heroines

Like other conventional clothing, there are various styles and types of sexy underwear.These different sexy underwear requires different types of heroines to shoot.For example, sexy and sexy heroine is more suitable for shooting sweet and pleasant underwear, while some European and American sexy underwear brands choose charming heroine for shooting.

7. The heroine needs to cooperate with products to form differentiated marketing

In sexy underwear shooting, the role played by the heroine should match the product to form differentiated marketing with collaborative products.For example, launching wedding underwear in the wedding season, choose a good heroine to interpret the sweet and pleasant bride image, or choose the mysterious and charming heroine to interpret the unique honeymoon mysterious feeling, which can leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers.Essence

8. The heroine is not the whole of sexy underwear

Although the heroine plays an important role in the marketing process of sexy underwear, the quality, style, brand reputation and other factors of sexy underwear will affect consumers’ purchase decisions.Therefore, in addition to choosing the heroine, the brand should pay more attention to other factors, making it easier for consumers to believe in quality assurance.


Interest underwear is a type of product that is different from other clothing, and its propaganda and marketing methods should also be different.By choosing the right heroine for shooting, it can not only improve the promotional effect, but also help the brand to build its own characteristic style.Therefore, when choosing the heroine, the brand should pay attention to the temperament and characteristics of the heroine itself, and form differentiated marketing through collaborative products, thereby increasing the brand’s popularity and reputation.

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