Why did Taobao push me a fun underwear

Why do Taobao recommend sexy underwear?

Online shopping has become an indispensable part of our lives, and various businesses are constantly taking off.As one of China’s largest online platforms, Taobao’s internal advertising recommendation algorithm is constantly updating.When buying sexy underwear online, many people are surprised to find that there will always be related recommendations in the Taobao homepage and search results.

What is the reason for Taobao to recommend this "sensitive" product?I will analyze the reasons one by one.

Taobao recommendation reason 1: market demand is strong

On the one hand, the aesthetics of modern people are becoming more and more open, and people’s concepts of sex have become more tolerant.On the other hand, Taobao’s precise shopping recommendation system is also very flexible. It can use the buyer’s historical purchase records, search records, and other factors to automatically match the product.

In fact, the user’s query keywords have a lot of sales and praise at the same time. The fun underwear is not a product that restricts sales on Taobao.

Taobao recommendation reason 2: huge marketing profit

As a special product, sexy underwear is very expensive to sell on Taobao.Merchants are mainly composed of professional sales networks, purchasing costs, marketing expenses, national taxes, and payment fees.Especially in important festivals, merchants can adopt strategies such as price reduction, promotion, gifts, etc. to attract users to buy, while achieving higher profit.

For Taobao, not only the external income from merchants and dealers, but also can bring more Lightning fiscal profit.Therefore, Taobao will actively promote such products to earn greater profits.

Reason for Taobao recommendation 3: The use of multiple promotion methods

Promotion methods include advertising, evaluation parts and other user comments on sexy underwear.At the same time, the Taobao platform also provides a variety of methods such as official stores, brands, and list recommendations to promote sales of sexy underwear and the stores, which further improves the exposure of sexy underwear.

In general, the Taobao platform uses a variety of promotion methods to attract and retain users and increase sales.This is also the minimum of publicity means in the market.

Taobao recommendation reason 4: improve user activity

For shopping web pages, users’ retention and activation is very important.Therefore, Taobao will improve user activity in various ways, such as recommended products with similar interests.

In the process of recommending sexy underwear, the Taobao platform also improves user retention and activity by understanding users browsing, searching, and buying history, and improving the accuracy of related recommendations.

Taobao recommendation reason 5: Meet user preferences and needs

Taobao recommends sexy underwear, which is based on the user’s purchase, history and interests to recommend products to provide users with more intimate services.

Sometimes the products that users need to buy cannot be found in Taobao’s search results. At this time, Taobao’s fun underwear recommendation function is very useful.Through this function, users can easily find the products they want to meet their own needs and preferences.

Taobao recommendation reason 6: sexy underwear has high sales volume

There are a lot of sexy underwear on Taobao, which is also an important factor in the recommendation system.Through a large amount of data analysis, Taobao found that the sales of sexy underwear remained high.Therefore, as a business platform, Taobao will naturally recommend high -sales products, which is one of the reasons for Taobao’s recommendation of sexy underwear.

Taobao recommendation reason 7: Increase user dependence and stickiness

Taobao’s recommendation is a very dependent and sticky business strategy. Many users on the Taobao platform like to find popular products through the recommendation system.The recommendation of sexy underwear is one of the important parts of the recommendation system. It is continuously attracting users to shop on Taobao through recommendations.

This is very important for shopping websites. Through consumers’ dependence and use of the recommendation system, consumers can increase their loyalty and dependence on shopping sites.

Taobao recommendation reason 8: conforms to today’s social atmosphere

The recommendation of sexy underwear is also in line with today’s society.In terms of sexual openness and targeted categories, Taobao’s recommendation with the help of sexy underwear is also in line with today’s society.Therefore, these not only have important significance for Taobao platforms or merchants, but also a legitimate value of value for society.


Under the current circumstances, Taobao recommends sexy underwear is well known, and the reasons behind them are also many aspects.It is believed that with the development of technology, the advertising recommendation system of Taobao platform will become more and more accurate and reliable.As ordinary consumers, we should consume cautiously on the basis of fully understanding the product and prevent economic losses to prevent the thunder.

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