Who played the owner of Weibo sex underwear shop

Who played the owner of Weibo sex underwear shop

In "The Love of Weibo", the heroine Ruo Xi’s girlfriend opened a sexy underwear shop. The owner is a cute and sexy young lady.Many netizens are very concerned about who this actress is, let’s take a look below.

Who is Yu Tian

This cute shop protagonist is named Yu Tian, played by the domestic post -90s generation actress Marco (English name Marklee).

Marco profile

Marco, formerly known as Mano, was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu in 1994. He is a mainland actress and model in Mainland China.She began to be eye -catching because of her role in "To Our Simple Little Beauty".After that, she also participated in works such as "I am conscience", "Yu Sin", "Thirty Thirty" and other works.

Marco plays Yu Tian’s feelings

Marco said that Yu Tian was a cheerful, enthusiastic and independent girl.While running a sexy underwear store, she always maintains her independence and self.Yu Tian’s role is more in line with her own personality, so it is natural to perform.

The director’s evaluation of Marco

Du Heping, director of "Love of Weibo", said in an interview that Marco is a very talented and literary actor who can quickly grasp the role and grasp the soul of the character.Her acting skills have also been recognized by the crew and audience.

Other representative works of Marco

Marco’s representative works also include the movie "No West East", the TV series "The Best Us", etc. You can find out.

Yu Tian’s number of appearances

Although Yu Tian is a supporting role in "The Love of Weibo", she has a lot of appearances, especially when Ruoxi and Lin Jiayu are fiercely contradictory, her role also appears in the film.

Marco’s clothing style

In addition to Marco’s acting skills, her clothing style in the play has also attracted much attention.In "The Love of Weibo", Yu Tian often wore sexy sexy underwear to show his good figure.The audience also continuously evaluated her fashion matching and sexy shapes on Weibo.

Mark’s popularity

With the popularity of "The Love of Weibo", Marco’s popularity is getting higher and higher.Her Weibo fans are also increasing, and there are now more than 700,000.

Women’s sexy underwear market

In addition to Marco’s performance, the sexy underwear shop in the play is also a topic that everyone is more concerned about.Women’s erotic underwear market is gradually mature, and more and more women are willing to buy sexy underwear to increase their charm and interest.And sexy underwear stores are also evolving. They are no longer just placing various fancy and sexy underwear. They also start to pay attention to the quality, health and practicality of the product, and give customers a better consumption experience.

Point of view

Marco’s outstanding performance in "Love of Weibo" allowed more people to know this young actress.At the same time, the women’s erotic underwear market is gradually mature and evolved, bringing a better consumer experience to women.Interest underwear is no longer just sexy, more attention to texture, aesthetics and practicality.We also hope to see more outstanding actors like Marco, and bring more excellent sexy underwear brands to bring better quality of life to women.

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