Who is passion and secrets and sexy underwear models

Victoria’s Underwear Show: A visual feast of a spicy eye

Since the first appearance of the Victoria’s Inspection Underwear Show in 1995, it has attracted much attention and heated discussion.Every year, audiences around the world are looking forward to the stunning performances of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and the various sexy underwear wearing supermodels.And when you see those sexy and exquisite figures, will you be curious about who these dense angels are?

Spicy Mom Angel: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima from Brazil is one of the representatives of Victoria’s Michelon.This tall and healthy and rosy beauty is often known as "the most Mi -secret", and has repeatedly served as the finale of the Victoria’s Secret Love Lover Show.

Mother of Supermodel: Tasa Jenny

Tasa Jenny is the founder of the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show.As the mother of supermodels, she has repeatedly led Victoria’s Secret Angels to fight for major stages.Her pursuit of perfect attitude and high standards have made Victoria’s Secrets sex underwear show the world’s top fashion event.

Indian beauty: Lisa Haijia

Lisa Haijia from India is a new star of the Victoria’s Secret Instead.She has the perfect combination of Asian women’s petite and exquisite and western feminine charm. She often wears sexy underwear on the Victoria’s Secrets and Innerwear Show.

Tiansan singer: Taylor Swift

As a natural singer, Taylor Swift has naturally become one of the Angels of Victoria’s Secret.Not only did she sing well, but she was very well -proportioned.On the Victoria’s Secret Instead, she is often colorful and wears unique underwear.

Thousands of style: Aisha Ham

Aisha Ham was born in Eastern Europe and has a typical Slavic beauty characteristics.Her facial features are clear and have a unique sexy temperament.On the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show, the mysterious style she revealed is often dumped.

Elegant and charming: Clara Alzalov

Clarala Alshaelos is a star in the Russian modeling world.She has a tall bridge of the nose and long legs, and is one of the most elegant angels on the Weight Secrets and sexy lingerie show.

Sexy hot: Alia Bartman

Alia Bartman’s performance in the modeling world is very eye -catching.She has a very infectious soul dance step, and the sexy charm that exudes also makes everyone can’t help but accelerate her heartbeat.

Small heartstrings: Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is an American model with slender and well -proportioned figure.Her low -key gorgeous reminds people of another famous supermodel Kara Dvaii; however, Bella Hadid still shows her exquisite figure and exciting temperament.

Sexy Mystery: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a frequent visitor on the Victoria’s Secret Loves Show.She has served as the spokesperson for many secrets of the Secret Angels and appeared on the catwalk many times wearing various sexy lingerie.Her profound and mysterious eyes make people unswerving.

Viewpoint: The charm of Victoria’s Secrets Instead is to show the sexy beauty of women

If the Angels in the Weight Secrets Interesting Underwear Show have something in common, it is the sexy beauty of the femininity they show.The reason why the audience expects the Weightli erotic underwear show is because of this special charm. It is both tempting, gentle, charming and unique.Therefore, I believe that the Victoria’s Secret Interest Underwear Show will always exist and become the best platform for women’s sexy beauty.

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