Who are the people who are not in the lingerie

Cross 1: Lack of self -confident women

A large part of the people who do not have sex underwear are due to the lack of self -confidence.These women are dissatisfied with their bodies and lack enough self -confidence to wear sexy sexy underwear.However, wearing sexy erotic underwear can make women full of self -confidence and enhance self -esteem.Like silk underwear with lace lace or perspective design, it can make women’s body lines more obvious, sexy and noble.

Crowd 2: There is no time to buy a white -collar group of sexy underwear

As the pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, the white -collar workers have little time to buy sexy underwear because they are busy with work.When a good -looking and suitable sexy underwear comes in front of you, many people often miss the opportunity because of busy work.In fact, buying sexy underwear does not take too much time, and only takes a few minutes to complete the purchase.Therefore, busy work should not be a reason for lack of sexy underwear.

Crowd 3: Afraid of shy girls discovered by others

Shy girls usually do not like to be eye -catching, and they feel very scared and unconfident when facing the eyes of others.They think that sexy underwear will make people very embarrassing in public, so they choose not to wear.With the change of modern women’s concepts, wearing sexy underwear has become a common phenomenon.Moreover, many erotic underwear design is targeted at sexy, comfortable, and privacy. They don’t have to worry about themselves look too publicity, nor do they need to worry about being found by others to wear sexy underwear.

Cross 4: Women who do not choose phobia

Some women wear sexy underwear and feel that they will become too public, so they choose not to wear.However, in fact, sexy underwear has always been developing with the times. It is no longer some exposed designs. The underwear design is different periods, different styles, and different wear occasions.This means that they have many choices that can choose the suitable sexy style according to their own body and occasion.

Cross 5: Women who pursue comfort

Many women choose to wear comfortable underwear because underwear comfort is the most important point in all underwear.However, sexy underwear is not necessarily linked to discomfort.Sex underwear can be comfortable and soft, and wearing comfortable sexy underwear can make women’s skin more delicate.At the same time, if you buy logic according to the correct size, you can ensure that the comfort and breathing of sex underwear can be ensured.

Crowd 6: Low -priced picky

Of course, there are critical consumers who buy sexy underwear, but more consumers are because of low prices.They may think that a low -quality underwear is a bad choice, and choosing a high quality underwear.In fact, the price does not always represent the quality of sexy underwear. Some cheap underwear can also wear comfortable temperament and sufficient.

Crowd 7: male buyer

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear is not necessarily just to satisfy sexual pleasure, but it may also want to buy gifts for his girlfriend or wife.Choosing the right sexy underwear as a gift can not only increase the charm of women, but also increase the feelings between each other.

Police 8: No aware of the importance of sexy underwear

Maybe some women do not realize the benefits of wearing sexy underwear, nor do they understand the importance and role of sexy underwear.Wearing sexy underwear can make women more confident, beautiful, and increase charm, and at the same time, they can also add a little interest when communicating with their partners.

in conclusion

In short, people who lack sexy underwear are diverse, and there are reasons for lack of confidence, busy work, shyness, picky, and no awareness of sexy underwear.However, wearing sexy sexy underwear has become a fashion of modern women, and it is a necessary choice for every woman to enhance self -confidence.No matter what kind of women, as long as you can overcome these difficulties and choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you can make you more beautiful and confident.

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