White silk suspender sex lingerie spray water pollution

What is a white ribbon sexy underwear?

The white silk suspender sex underwear is a sexy underwear, usually made of white silk, with suspenders on it, suitable for women with various figures.It is both sexy and elegant, making women look more charming.

What is the white silk strap sexy underwear spray?

White silk suspender sex lingerie water spray is a common problem.Because underwear is usually worn on the closest hair and skin, sweat or other excreta often leave stains on underwear.In addition, sexy underwear may also be affected by some inappropriate factors during use.

How to clean the white ribbon sexy underwear?

When cleaning the white ribbon sexy underwear, you should first read the washing instructions in the label of the underwear, and you should clearly read whether the underwear is suitable for using washing machines and dryers.If it is not suitable, you should wash it with hand.If you can use a washing machine, do not dry it in the dryer, because the drying opportunity deforms and damage the underwear material.

What kind of soft agent is better?

It is best to use a soft agent without additives. Do not use a soft agent containing fluorescent agents, because the fluorescent agent is not good for the skin.Choose a soft agent of natural spices, not chemical spices.Soft agents are important for the skin and should choose cautiously.

What kind of cleaning agent should be avoided?

Avoid using bleach and detergent containing fluorescent agents because they may cause damage to underwear and cause adverse effects on the skin.In addition, a detergent containing strong alkaline ingredients such as sulfate, because they will cause damage to the material.

How to prevent the white silk hammine sexy underwear fading?

Because the white silk hammo sexy underwear is white, fading is a common problem.In order to prevent fading, the underwear color can be paid to avoid mixing white underwear with other colors.If you need to use a bleach, use a non -chlorine bleach.Chlorine will cause damage to the white of the underwear.

When will the white silk hammo sexy underwear be changed?

The white silk hammo sexy underwear should not be used for a long time like ordinary underwear.Under normal circumstances, the use of underwear is three months.The life of the underwear is determined according to the personal usage.If the underwear is damaged or the stain cannot be removed, the underwear must be replaced.

How to store white silk hammo sexy underwear?

When storing the sexy lingerie of the white ribbon, the underwear should be placed in a dry place.Avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause damage to the underwear and affect the life of the underwear.You should also avoid putting underwear in a humid and unclean place.

Is it normal for the white silk suspender to spray water pollution?

Yes, it is a common phenomenon that the white silk ribbon sexy lingerie spray water spray, but you must pay attention to cleaning and storage before and after use.If you do not pay attention to cleaning and storage, you may cause damage to the underwear and affect the service life of the underwear.Therefore, before use, you should read the laundry guide carefully and follow the correct method to clean the underwear.

in conclusion

The white silk halloid sex underwear is a loved underwear style.To keep the underwear sexy and beautiful, pay attention to cleaning and storage.When using it, you should avoid contact with sharp items to avoid damage to underwear.Avoid mixing and dark clothing with dark clothes to avoid fading problems.The correct cleaning method and storage method can protect the quality of the underwear and make the underwear more lasting.

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